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Reviews Comments: Loved it Despite Getting the Best Spoilers Early on. The Dark Knight Rises film/book review by Kereea

Going by the topic, yes, this has spoilers in it. Abandon all hope of surprise ye who read here.

As an internet nerd, avoiding spoilers, especially for big movies, can be work. Especially when one's friends assume you have seen it (or a spoiler ends up in an article by accident). That's how I found out detective John's first name, which was one of the two great spoilers, albeit not one that affects the movie's overall plot. The other one did. This movie was so well done, it didn't even matter that I knew Talia al Ghul was in in and by knowing they would be there, inferring that they were the true villain. Despite the fact that I was able to say "well, there are only two women featured at length in this movie and the other one is eliminated for being Catwoman, Miranda must secretly be Talia.

That's right—this movie was so good, knowing The Big Reveal did nothing to diminish it. It was still pure awesome for me.

Everything seemed to fit just so. My favorite parts were the Deputy Commissioner's Moment Of Awesome in the climax, the reveal of John's first name (yes, even though I knew it was coming), and Alfred getting to have his old dream come true at the end. And i love the character of Lucius Fox to death for ever and ever, and not just for taking the same name as Draco's dad and being a Badass with it.

Things to pick at...well, I have issues thinking that the bridge copd has no way of communicating with a senior official quickly when John and the people showed up, Bane's voice sometimes seemed off, and well, is it bad that I wanted to see a quicker, closer look at Bane's corpse? I mean, it took the heavy artillery to take them out, might as well make sure they bought it, am I right? Other than that, it's Made Of Awesome

Also, props to Anne Hathaway for doing all that work in stiletto heels when her fellow female writing this can't manage more than a 3/4 inch heel unless it's a wedge for walking much less fighting. Serious, serious props to her.


  • Tuckerscreator
  • 10th Aug 12
Yep, avoiding spoilers is tough. I still don't know how I avoided spoilers for Inception for nearly two years. Good to know TDKR can still be enjoyed despite knowing it, though.

But even with Christopher Nolan and Marion Cotillard both claiming she wasn't playing Talia, it was still easy to guess they were lying when Joey King was cast as young Talia. Joey looks exactly like Marion. "I'm just Miranda Tate" was almost paper thin.

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