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Reviews Comments: A bit clunky, but still a fun game Deus Ex game review by Sora Ohmsford

When I first bought the original Deus Ex off Steam, I really didnít play it for a while, it wasnít until after I had finished Deus Ex Human Revolution that I became interested in the first game. It took me a while to really get into the game, but when I did it was just as good as Revolution, but in different ways.

The story for Deus Ex begins with the main character JC Denton and his brother Paul working for an antiterrorist group called UNATCO. As the story progresses, mysteries about UNATCO are brought up that lead to a much larger global conspiracy that JC must try and stop.

One of the best things about the game is probably the story it tells and the atmosphere it creates. The story starts off a bit slow, but when something happens to Paul in the beginning missions is where the game really took off for me, because the global conspiracy begins to appear. The information about the conspiracy is found out at a nice, even pace as you go through different missions and locales, so there aren't too many parts that feel unnecessary. That said, the game creates a world that makes this conspiracy work, a dark world of poor and sick in New York, gangs run the streets of Hong Kong, and freedom fighters hide in the sewers of Paris. These elements combine to enforce just how messed up JCís world is, and why the plans of the conspiracy need to be stopped.

Although I do think this game is as good as Revolution, I do think it has more problems than Revolution, albeit smaller ones. For one, I found that many of the characters were either there to spout philosophy, or to help forward the part of the story they were in. On augmentations, either I didnít find a lot of use for half of them, or I forgot to turn them on during combat, though I did like how I had to explore to find upgrade canisters. Graphically, for me to get past the first mission I had to download a mod to update the graphics because I couldnít see very well past a medium distance. On last thing is that non-lethal takedowns are practically a joke, since enemies take a while to go down this way than either skipping them or killing them.

Overall, the game may take some getting used to because of controls and graphics, but once you get into it, the game is an exciting, interesting, thoughtful, and occasionally narmy, early FPS.


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