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Reviews Comments: An underrated gem Sonic Unleashed game review by Davidthe Mouse 14

Sonic Unleashed back in 2008, was set to the revival of the series, with the Day Stages being leak, people rave declaring it to be the best Sonic game. However once the Werehog came, critic unfairly bash the game and cited it to being horrible and another stinker to the franchise, over exaggerated it flaw, and in some case making up said flaw too ether make the game look awful, which made people jump on the band wagon, and for those that didn't jump on the bandwagon, they hate it entirely for the Werehog, simply because it different and it doesn't represent Sonic.(And yet the Sonic Adventures game are popular for some reason.)It seems I'm one the few out there that love the game for what it is and I'll explain why.

First of the Day Stages: The Day Stage features, Sonic using from the Sonic Rush Series a Sonic Boost which allow Sonic to go crazy fast. The gameplay is clearly speed focus, as it test your on reaction (Dodging projectile with the quick steps, Quick Time Events). It pretty much required to be used the fast gameplay otherwise expect to die, and make lot of mistake, mainly in the later levels.If you learned to master these you'll feel acheive.What truly fascinating about the Day Stages is it may very well be the fastest Sonic game out there, Sonic finally lives up to his name as the fastest thing alive, when you blast trough these stages dodging everything, sharp reactions you'll stop and think, wow did I really just do that?

Next up the night stages: Sonic goes beast, yet is still the lovable hero we all know.In these stages this balance out the speed gameplay where here you beats the ever-living mess out of your enemies, as well as perform platforming and solve puzzles.The main charm here is you kick ass and look cool kicking said ass and racked up also combos.The Werehog becomes more fun to play when you level up his skills as they become more and more cool as you successfully attempt them. There also finisher know as Critical Attack where this is how you finish up your enemies and there also awesome to pull off.

The Scenery s beautiful, what really something about this game is all the location beside Eggmanland are based off real locations of the world, and the game show it beauty, you also explore the the hub world and chat to the colurful villager.


  • PhysicalStamina
  • 6th Aug 12
Mmm, I'll disagree on it being a gem, and here's why:

Sonic is very slippery in this game. When you're running at top speed, it takes too long for him to slow to a stop, and he turns like a stick of butter in a pan. This contrasts with the hub worlds where he controls just fine, but isn't as fast. I feel like Sonic Team sacrificed good control for speed.

Also, the level design could've been better. Instead of focusing on the player's reflexes, it should've focused on being more of a platformer. Bottomless pits come out of nowhere more often than not, which means unwary first-time players are gonna end up dying quite a bit unless their reaction time is quick enough.

The Werehog sections weren't executed too badly, but sometimes the camera can screw you over in the platforming bits.

It's not bad game (still better than Sonic Adventure 2 in my opinion), but it's not as good as it could've been.
  • Psi001
  • 7th Aug 12
I don't think the Werehog was that bad in concept, it was more ruined due to repetitive level design. Normal Sonic's levels worked okay because they were fast paced, but going through ten or so minutes worth of "Beat up enemies - solve switch puzzle - repeat" grated after a while. The odd time they tried something innovative with it (eg. the awesome Egg Dragoon boss) it shown the Werehog's true potential.
  • DavidtheMouse14
  • 7th Aug 12
^^ I see what you mean by day Sonic can be slippery, however running at top speed isn't always advise to do all the time case in point in th adabat day stage when you run into the forest it be best for you to quick boosting and run in normal mode so you can do the light ring dash on the right path.Yeah I also had a problem with the turning mechanic to the point where when some was lethal I had to quick being in boost and turn slowly. (Ex. Empire City Day Act 1)

As far as platofoming go, I'll get into that in Generations. The only time the Werehog camera screwed up for me is when you have to balance your elf on rails, at least for me anyway.

^ Don;t forget the Werehog also has platforming, poll stick jumping and climbing, and the things I mention in the review to simply be more then fighting and solving switch puzzle.

  • ryu238
  • 24th Jun 13
I honestly feel that the Sonic fanboys listen to much to the vocal minority... though I sort of agree that while the Werehog was implemented adequitly... it was just too much of a change to swallow, granted the fanboys are just being stupid by complaning about the wrong thing as were the critics....
  • son
  • 24th Jun 13
@Physical Stamina I've always thought that Sonic's gameplay was the tightest in this game. Especially compared to the predecessors (the adventure series and Sonic Heroes). It's even better since his speed is weaponized (unlike Sonic 06).

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