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Reviews Comments: Meyer supports women being independent? Twilight film/book review by Yuri Angel

Doesn't seem like it. I am a teenage girl who, frankly spend most of her time on the Internet, ignorant to the world. So when Twilight first came out, my reaction was similar to that of my reaction to Justin Bieber: Woah, WTF, when'd this start up and how long's it been popular?

So, when I heard about the series, I began to get skeptical. It was original, I will give it that, but also boring. I wasn't attracted to it in the least, and I am an avid reader.

Now, with some people, you will either fall into a certain part of a fandom yourself, or suddenly find yourself in it. For me, I suddenly found myself in the anti-Twilight fandom. The more I heard about this series, the more I began to thing 'Dafuq is going on here?' I read anti-Twilight stories, and they all pointed out a lot of good things.

Bella is stupid, clumsy (Seriously, not even real life people are clumsy enough to fall flat on their face with one step), and dependent on Edward, who is controlling, emotionless and he sparkles. Meyer supports women's rights, yet with how she writes Bella, I honestly doubt that.

Bare in mind, I hadn't actually read the book yet. However, I suddenly wanted to see if my hate was justified. My cousin had the books, so I asked for the first book. She gave me that and New Moon.

I'm only half way through Twilight and I haven't finished it. Hell, I don't plan on finishing it. Whenever I see the book, I think, 'Crap, got to return that' but it then slips my mind.

Frankly, I personally think Jacob is the only decently developed character in the book series, and again, considering I haven't finished the first book, I've gotten this from my first impression and others telling me more about the series. He has an actually personality as opposed to Bella's fake character and Edward's stoic controlling paranoid-ness. The only downside to Jacob is that he imprints on Bella's daughter as soon as she's born, so he loses a few points for being a pedo (In my opinion. And frankly, I don't give a damn if it is what his species does).

Overall, this book is undeserving of its popularity. The main characters are flat, their romance is unbelievable, and to be honest, if I were given the option of reading the book or reading My Immortal, I'd choose the latter, because at least I can read an MST and have a few laughs.


  • MaidenV
  • 3rd Aug 12
Literally nothing in this review has not been said in one of the other 41 reviews on this site.
  • Dragon573
  • 17th Aug 12
The "pedo" part is a misconception. Imprinting isn't "Oh my god, I love her!" it's "Oh my god, my life revolves around her!" While she's a child, he'll be the guy to take her to the fair, make her laugh, etc.

Now, while I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the series, you keep saying that you're basing this on what others have told you, and half of a book that you haven't finished. If you're going to review something, you should actually read it, otherwise, you're just saying what everyone else is saying... which is a waste of space and of time, both yours and the reader's, really.

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