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As far as critics go, I fail to see why people get so worked up over Movie Bob. He's a guy on the internet with an opinion, just like everyone else who goes on a forum. Yes, he works for a prominent website, but that doesn't mean he's infallible or important. People will agree with critics when they agree with their reviews and disagree when they don't; simple as that. But Bob is still a much better critic most of the time than many other critics I have read and, Bias Steamroller notwithstanding (seriously, Transformers 2 was worse than an Uwe Boll movie?), is a pretty intelligent guy and makes some good points. He just lets personal feelings get in the way of his work, just like every other critic. No critic can be wholly objective, otherwise they'd just be boring and would be ignored across the board. Still, Bob needs to tone down the arrogance and get his nostalgia filter modified. Watch his stuff (or don't) and make your judgment then. Then get on with your life.


  • RestamSalucard
  • 29th Apr 10
"Transformers 2 was worse than an Uwe Boll movie"

Yes, [[So Bad It'sGood at least an Uwe Boll movie is laughable in it's badness.]] [[So Bad It'sHorrible Transformers 2 is just bad.]]

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