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Reviews Comments: A Long Road (Some Spoilers) Homestuck whole series review by Mr Melloncollie

Homestuck. What can I say about it?

Well, for one thing, you can't really classify it as...anything. It IS. Kind of like a black hole; get too close and sooner or later you'll fall in. It's a long road, from introducing all the characters, to dealing with their stories and interactions and personalities, to the time travel, to all the shocking twists and turns, to the NEW shocking twists and turns, to...well, you get the idea. That's not even mentioning the fact that it's all done by one guy.

All the stuff mentioned any other story, any other thing...people would drop it like a live grenade. And by drop, I mean hurl it as far away as possible. But Hussie does something with it. He makes it all work. Somehow, he makes it work. He makes every single character and concept introduced and referenced matter and work. And they do. Homestuck's been around for 3 years. 3. Freaking. Years. And like I said, it's a long road that's only gonna get longer.

And for me...that's the problem.

You see...I used to read Homestuck. I say "used to", because not too long ago, I stopped reading it. Well, that's not entirely true. I starting reading it again, but we'll get to that. I should say I used to enjoy it. Sometime during Act 6, when it was revealed that Jake's dreamself was revealed to already be dead, something inside me kinda switched off. I think I realized, due to all the stuff that happened in Acts 1 through 5, all the deaths, all the resurrections...I realized that Homestuck was getting formulaic and predictable. At some point, the Alpha kids are going to die; all of them. And then those deaths will be nullified and they'll be a-okay.

Now, when I say it's predictable, that's my personal opinion.

However, it just got tedious. Irritating. I couldn't stand looking at Homestuck fanart without getting angry. For some reason, it just...pissed me off. I wad getting tired of Homestuck. All those meaningless deaths just left me without any empathy for the characters. Any of them. Even the Alpha kids who hadn't died yet.

Despite all that, I'm still reading it. I'm still reading it so that I can see how it ends. I owe myself that much at least.

So I guess my review's a very good story, with a lot of diverse characters. It's an original tale, and it's exciting. But the meaningless deaths do take a toll.


  • Medinoc
  • 30th Jul 12
Note: Homestuck is not 11 years old (though maybe MSPA is).
  • Medinoc
  • 30th Jul 12
And now for the actual comment: A meaningless death isn't mean to add or substract sympathy for a character. It's what happens while they're alive that's important.
  • MrMelloncollie
  • 31st Jul 12
Yeah I know. I probably phrased that wrong, looking back at it. Hmmm...okay. The characters are badass. I love them. I really do. Just...the deaths are frequent. And sudden. That's what got me. Like (SPOILER) Jake's dreamself being dead before any of them even entered the Medium...that was like "What the hell." Don't get me wrong, I understand that Hussie's trying to keep the story interesting. More power to him. He deserves every ounce of respect he gets. It's just...that's all that's keeping me from truly enjoying Homestuck again; just the knowledge that no matter how badass or awesome this character is, they will die at least once.

Of course, the problem might just be (As in 99% possibly is) that I get much much too attached to characters in stories. :P
  • dman334
  • 2nd Aug 12
Mspa was set up in 2008. Homestuck's only been going on for 3 years. You might want to change that before anyone else notices.
  • MrMelloncollie
  • 3rd Aug 12
probably should. thanks for the heads up guys.

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