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Reviews Comments: Great and Well Made but YMMV The Legend Of Korra season review by Crazy Good Evil

Let's state the thing that everyone agrees on. The Legend of Korra: Book Air is a beautifully made. The animation is gorgeous, music amazing and perfectly timed, and voice acting superb. The designers pulled out all the stops and it SHOWS. Now to deal with the things that people will either love or find horribly disappointing about Lok: Air.

Characters: The cast of Lo K are all very interesting. I found myself attached to them very quickly and easily. They all had a good amount of depth but what they lacked is character DEVELOPMENT. The villains get hit hardest with this. Korra gets the most but that is done is small almost unnoticeable ways. I needed to pause and think about to realize she had under gone a serious amount of the change during the course of this season. For me this WORKED. I felt like I was watching REAL teenagers and adults be placed in tough situations and them dealing with them realistically with all the faults that entails. There were no cheap personality flips but rather a course of REAL development that people go through when dealing with the adult world.

Pacing: Lo K moves FAST. There is exactly one breather episode and the rest of it can be summed up as 'fast paced' or 'Oh, My GOD!'. This works miracles at building the tension and excitement of the show but doesn't give us time to explore all the niches and people of Republic City. Again, for me this worked. I wasn't interested in diving into Republic City but into the plot of Lo K.

Plot: Lo K plot is much darker and narrow than it's source. I liked the story. It didn't just hold me attention, it grabbed me, showed me how great it was going to be and than dared me to look away. The theme of this season was oppression and Lo K: Air did an excellent job of showing how people react to it and what people do when they learn they can push back HARDER. There were subplots but Lo K really tailored itself to Amon/Equalists vs. Heroes.

If you are looking for a excellently made, fast paced, short show with interesting characters, realistic and terrifying plot points and great twists you will love this. If you are looking for an epic, world building, with long hard looks at each side with plenty of character development, you are going to be horribly disappointed. I loved Lo K: Air and eagerly look forward to the next three books.


  • UchihaKat
  • 28th Jul 12
I think this is very well stated. It sums up the main points of contention for most that argue about liking/disliking this show. I happen to agree with you that these facets work for me, but this does make it easier to see what others wouldn't like about it.

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