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Reviews Comments: Ignore the other two reviewers they don't have any clue what their talking about Sailor Moon Abridged whole series review by thesexy 1

I wasn't even going to post a review until I saw that the only two reviews on tv tropes for this amazing youtube series were negative. And let me just say the other two reviewers must have lost their sense of humor somewhere because Megami33's Sailor Moon Abridged series (better known as SMA) is the funniest abridged series on Youtube.

Most abridged series I look for end up sucking. As of now the only Abridged series that are any good are Little Kuriboh's Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series, Teamfourstar's Dragonball Z abridged (which Megami33 is a part of), and of course SMA.

One of the reasons SMA is superior to most abridged series is the voice acting. This is where most abridged series lose me before the end of the first episode. The voice acting in most abridged series is terrible. It's hard to believe how much a difference good voice acting makes an abridged series but it really does. Thank god all the SMA team are talented voice actors especially Megami33 and Kris Rix. Another thing SMA actually has a cohesive script. Most abridged series I've come by either really need better writers or their just making stuff up as they go along with nothing coherent and there are rarely any funny jokes and the few funny jokes they have are ruined by bad voice acting. Fortunately in SMA, I'm always laughing from start to finish at every episode.

So if for some reason you haven't checked out Megami33's Sailor Moon Abridged (SMA) series go check it out. Like SMA Serena said in episode 18 it's the only good Sailor Moon Abridged series on Youtube. (It was said in jest by Megami but it's true.


  • ElectricNachos
  • 29th Mar 10
So differing opinion = doesn't know what they're talking about? I did not know that...

By the way, I went back and watched most of the series. I stand by it. I find Y:TAS and DBZ Abridged funny. I didn't find this funny. Simple as that.
  • sardns
  • 13th Oct 10
SMA is my favorite abridged series. While the jokes are primarily based on a single trait of the characters, they still manage to be funny and sometimes clever. I admit I've seen only a couple abridged series, but SMA is the only one that's still entertaining for me to watch.
  • Elysianrabbit
  • 3rd Nov 12
Electric Nachos has no idea what he's talking about.
  • kay4today
  • 3rd Nov 12
Another arrogant reviewer who thinks his opinion is worth more than the opinions of others. Lovely.

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