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Reviews Comments: It sucks. The Pokemon Squad fanfic review by Ash Spin

Wow. This is a fanfiction? This is the worst fanfiction I've ever read. Even the former co-creator hates it. It's shit.

The characters, for the most part, are unlikable. RM's extremely annoying, and I think he's the worst character ever. And apparently he's based on the writer. I hope I never meet him, since he sounds like a huge jerk (a few members of his site complained about that on other sites). Ash, Brock, and a few others were flanderized beyond belief, to the point where it's not even funny; just stupid. Apparently June is flanderized, but I haven't seen the show she was in. The Pokemon Girls, Henry, and Sailor Pikachu don't even do anything. Sailor Pikachu is a brony, at least. But that's it. They don't have characterizations and are just there to be there. The Yaoi House are pretty funny, though. And Doug's awesome.

The plots are just RM being an annoying jerk and are ripped-off from better TV shows and movies. RM might "think" he's smart, but he'd be smart enough to come up with his own plots if he really was.

He is apparently giving the Yaoi House a fanfic series, too. Let's hope he ends this shit and makes that one.

All I'm saying is that this is a horrible series that features annoying useless characters and cliche plots. RM, please, end this. You might hate Fanboy And Chum Chum, but this is even worse than that show.


  • buttsbuttsborshqua
  • 3rd Aug 12
I can agree with most of this. However, I disagree with RM being a huge jerk. I've known the kid for years (he's been a very active member on a forum I attend). He can get pretty annoying, but there's still something... strangely lovable about him. Our forum would have no life without him, that's for sure. Over the years he's been on our forum, I've grown to understand him more. He's really not that bad. Well, except for that time he threatened to brutally murder me for pasting Twilight Sparkle's face on one of his Hetalia OC's... but that's besides the point! Once you get past his weirdness, bragging about his intelligence, producing a neverending stream of Pokemon Squad episodes, and intense hatred of MLP, he's not that bad. A pretty cool guy, in fact.

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