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After letting Animorphs close and watching most of my favorite characters die in Remnants and saying goodbye to Everworld I already had a high respect for books written by KA or her husband but I was still skeptical coming upon Gone. No parents was all I got from the summary on the back. I believed it would just be a glamorized version of Lord of the Flies with the occasional slang from the 00s thrown in for good measure. Imagine my surprise when I was wrong. The Gone series is one of the most intricate and page turning series I have come across. The plot is marvelous and the pacing is incredible but the true gem of this little series are the characters. I honestly believe you could place these genuine and true to life characters in any plot and I would read no matter how badly written. These are very well rounded characters and the way Michael Grant flips between their PO Vs is stunning. You can jump from the ever levelheaded Edilio's mind to the hardened soul of Dekka to the hateful thoughts of Zil to the sadistic glee of Drake and not be bored for a second. You want to know what happens next and you feel for these kids because of the situations they are thrown in. If there was one con I will say that some of the side characters tend to get forgotten. It's not a major concern to this troper personally but it can cause minor hiccups at some points but you will not be dissapointed deciding to read the Gone series.


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