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Reviews Comments: Wow. This is amazing. Gravity Falls whole series review by The Boy Who Cried Walrus

Let's face it, Disney's shows are taking a downhill curve. All but one of their current sitcoms are about music (Shake It Up, Austin & Ally, and A.N.T. Farm, the one that isn't is Good Luck Charlie, which is actually fairly entertaining.) At time of writing, they're so desperate as to show Suite Life of Zack and Cody reruns for three hours every day. Phineas and Ferb, the previous best cartoon, has stopped making new episodes, only specials now.But all that is turning around. Gravity Falls has had a total of four episodes so far, and it is still one of the most consistently funny (and also slightly disturbing. Freezer monster and possessed Mabel anyone?) shows I've ever seen. Bravo Disney, you FINALLY picked up the right series.



  • Lucymae2
  • 16th Jul 12
I agree. I think once Phineas and Ferb came out, Disney finally realized that they need some above average animated shows if they want to be a successful kid's network.
  • noitsnot
  • 18th Jul 12
I agree with this, but shouldn't there be more of a review here.
  • Rognik
  • 28th Aug 12
Point of order: Phineas And Ferb are still coming out with new episodes. They're just in a downswing at the moment, as they've done between the last two seasons as well. However, this should be more about Gravity Falls than other shows.

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