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Best My Little Pony Fic EVA! (though not without problems)
What makes the Pony POV Series stand out? The short answer: depth. The long answer: Welllll....

This is an awesome MLP:FIM fanfic. Here's a few reasons why.

1. World Building. Equestria is not utterly silly, nor a Crap Saccharine World. It's an attempt to emulate the feel of canon equestria, while making tweaks. Furthermore, the story expands into the fantastic, with a large pantheon. Heck, the author also throws in a Shout-Out to other fics, or incorporates them.

2. Nightmare Fuel. There are some unsettling images, and freaky moments for sure.

3. The humor. The humor ranges from Comically Missing the Point to Breaking the Fourth Wall, but the fic does let me laugh even during some very heavy subject matter, particularly when Pinkie Pie's around.

4. The Character Development. This is the big one. The premise of the Reharmonized Series is that Discord's attack left mental scars on everyone, so how do the ponies react? From this, all the ponies of equestria (mane cast especially) faces not just the demons of discord, but their own demons as well. This ranges from Apple Jack facing each Awful Truth, to Pinkie finally centering herself to feel all emotions. There's a ton of development all around, but not at the cost of totally erasing an old personality.

5. The story. This story is one of the most ambitious in all fanfiction. There is Slice of Life, High Fantasy, tragic flashbacks, and many a Plot Twist. Further, the story isn't afraid to play with classic tropes for an interesting twist, or ask questions left unsaid by the show. This ranges from exploring the "Nightmare" Superpowered Evil Side, to the all encompassing theme of facing reality.

However, there are problems. In world building, the fic want to incorporate as much as possible from ALL My Little Pony, down to the last episode. It can get confusing for anyone unfamiliar with the whole franchise, but newcomers can follow along if they try. (so long as they've watched some of G4 to understand the references. The Villains can really get over the top sometimes, and foreshadowing can be so far in advance, you forget about it. Not to mention some Ending Fatigue since the fic has a Myth Arc that goes from the 15th episode to the present over MANY "episodes".

However, this Epic is still worth reading. You won't regret it.
And...? Where are the problems? You said that this fanfic is not without its problems, and yet you haven't listed them.
comment #25688 Rahkshi500 13th Aug 14
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