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Amazing But Flawed
When I heard their was going to be a new Mass Effect installment, I was excited. Mostly because Mass Effect 2 was the best RPG I'd seen at the time. After weeks of anticipation, it was released.

For starters, the opening was epic, but my choices didn't effect any dialogue or shifting of the plot. No matter what I said, be it Paragon or Renegad, characters would still respond with the same tone and words. The things you say will only effect major plot points or missions on the Citadel. Some of these choices that particularly interested me were to either cure the Genophage or sabotage the cure, gain the loyalty of the Quarians and Geth without wiping out both sides, and all of this leads to one of the core problems of the game: The ending. It has so many plot holes that I wondered if I missed something early on. But other then the flaws its still a good conclusion to Shepards story (especially with the new DLC that fixes things, like plot holes).

I give it an 8/0



Sorry. Had to make that joke.

I agree that the ending was poorly done, but it was hardly as bad as people make it out to be. Destroy and Control were well-foreshadowed, and Synthesis fits at least one of the themes of this game (unity). Also, Refusal was INCREDIBLY clever, basically Bioware snarking at every player. Clever.
comment #16356 Malygos 3rd Oct 12
Whether or not you did Arrival has a impact on the opening.

And of course, don't bother listing these "plotholes".
comment #16367 RhetoricHunter 4th Oct 12
Yes, Arrival has an impact on the opening.

Instead of Shepard being in prison for Arrival, s/he's in prison for "all the shit [s/he] pulled."

Totally worth it.
comment #17273 Medicus 15th Dec 12
But war assets?? Also I'm struggling to work out how and where Malygos was being sarcastic
comment #17275 TomWithNoNumbers 16th Dec 12

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