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Reviews Comments: Legacy of Uzushiogakure - an intriguing AU Legacy of Uzushiogakure fanfic review by Caellach Tiger Eye

Having personally considered the addition of this story, I feel obligated to play my part in giving it constructive criticism.

In this AU, the Uzumaki Clan weren't nearly as scattered as in canon, and this changes everything when kunoichi Uzumaki Hikari - on a trip to Konoha for medicine - stumbles upon the relative she never knew about in Uzumaki Naruto. Upon returning to the (secret) Clan Compund, the report she makes to the elders helps them deduce he is the son of Kushina, and thus the rightful heir to the Clan. Several of their ninja are sent ahead to keep watch as the Genin Exams arrive, but it's only on the night of Mizuki's treachery that things start to change...

This is an innovative fanfic, with some rather clever, unique ideas regarding ninja-world politics, including both the nature of teams and the ramifications of an entire Clan's secret survival - not least of all for Naruto.

Also, while this isn't a personal peeve, the Uzumaki OCs are each an Expy of a character from the Anime/Manga Fairy Tale - the above-mentioned Hikari is basically Lucy, for instance. This isn't necessarily a negative, though - they influence the setting and plot ''without'' dominating it, and are well-integrated into the world (especially since they add onto the ''Naruto'' world's ''[[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters already'' extensive character list).

  • Negatives: Mostly, none so far. The story does touch on my personal pet-peeve of deconstructing Highly Visible Ninja (with Naruto alone), but doesn't wander on it too much, and doesn't change his personality.

  • Positives: A refreshing take on many things - teams, the Uzumaki Clan (all rather boisterous, not just Naruto), and pacing. Bashing is virtually non-existent - unlike most stories, Naruto does not leave Konoha to be "Uzukage", the Uzumaki join the populace; and all characters are treated fairly (even including - *le gasp!* - the village council). The story also switches tones effortlessly - lots of humour, solemnity, heartwarming and awesome to go around.

This fic is still, as of this writing, in its first Story Arc - "The Lost Clan Arc" - but already shows great promise for the future. Give it a shot - you might just be pleasantly surprised!


  • Trickdice
  • 15th Aug 12
"all characters are treated fairly (even including - *le gasp!* - the village council)."

What blasphemy is this? Danzo had better still be an insufferable jerk or I'm calling the Union to strike!

Nice review though. Makes me reconsider my position on not reading this story due to an innate hatred of expies. I'll add it to my to-read list. (It is a long list though, so it might be a while.)

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