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Reviews Comments: Interesting, if not a touch... arrogant Abuse Cycle fanfic review by reuvas

That would be a huge YMMV. The original story is poorly executed, but the idea is interesting. I would avoid that one. However, the expanded... series, is it? Is actually pretty good, and takes the original idea and treats it with the proper dignity and care a story such as that deserves. I would recommend at least trying that one.

However, for fans of Mako, or of the pairing Makorra, as interesting as the idea is, and as sweeping as the implications are, don't read either of these, as the tone is really rather vindictive toward Mako. Also, it comes across as some contention that the author insists that there is canonical evidence for Mako's abusive behavior manifesting. If you don't agree with that, but still would like to give the story a chance, take the setting at face value. While the author may not think so, I would call this an AU.

Also, avoid any discussion regarding the story, as it will all lead to flame wars, and the author is a bit arrogant in his or her 'idea'. Take it as a story, and not some 'game changer' to the fandom. It's a pretty good story. Not great, but it deserves to exist, and it deserves to be given a chance.


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