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One of My All-Time Favorites
Obviously what comes across as a Mary Sue can vary hugely from person to person. I absolutely adore Mr. Nutt, Glenda, and all the others. Even Trevor Likely, who I started out thinking I would hate, became very likable by the end.

One of the things I love about Terry Pratchett is his ability to write unconventional romances, and he brings that out in full force in Unseen Academicals for his unique twist on the Romeo and Juliet story and even more for the relationship between Glenda and Nutt.

Terry Pratchett's brilliant writing is there, and I appreciate the references to previous books, such as the reappearances of Rincewind and Mightily Oats, but for me what makes this book are the characters, who I find unique, sympathetic, and very human.

Perhaps it's not everyone's cup of tea, but Unseen Academicals is right up there with The Truth, Going Postal, Night Watch, and Monstrous Regiment for my favorite of Terry Pratchett's books.


I have to give the book this: Never before has a Discworld book split the fandom like it. That is an achievement.
comment #15252 LilMaibe 7th Jul 12
It's because he's such an incredible writer there is absolutely nothing controversial normally about saying his books aren't the best ever :D I tried to pin down my favourites and ended up with a list almost 20 books long :)
comment #15264 Tomwithnonumbers 7th Jul 12
The reason Sir Terry usually is such an awesome writer is what bugged me about the book, as said before. To me it provided almost nothing Discworld-y. The wit was gone and replaced with flat jokes (often toilet humour) that never really worked and even the few lines that felt like Pratchett were smashed down by the explaining of the joke. The way with words was equally gone, some bits having a meaning that makes the whole scene just seem weird. But I'll stop before I start rambling again.
comment #15279 LilMaibe 8th Jul 12
I don't think it's awful and I think there was a lot of good things in it, even some wit, although I don't think I personally liked much that Mc Feegle liked * but I'm pretty confident that it's my worst Discworld book, quite easily even. It's just I feel thats less slander on the book, which was okay, even good, and more that going down this list of books isn't fair competition for any normal novel
comment #15280 Tomwithnonumbers 8th Jul 12
I mean it's competition would be Colour Of Magic, Equal Rites and Snuff! (there was also a Tiffany Aching book i felt was weak, but can't remember which) and all three of those are award winning (even Unseen Academicals was award winning :D )
comment #15281 Tomwithnonumbers 8th Jul 12

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