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Seeing how everyone but you loved the kids, I think you need to find a new show because they're not going to be removed. It's also strange that you brought up the "shipping"...then referenced three people who don't ship at all in the entire series. I'd at least understand bringing up that other Love Triangle...

That has got to be the most negative "positive" review I think I've ever read.
comment #15205 Rebochan 5th Jul 12
And what about Asami Sato?
comment #16042 Manwiththeplan 8th Sep 12
Hey Eagal, that's horrible thing to say about Bryke, even if you really hate the show.
comment #27565 higherbrainpattern 25th Dec 14
Season 3 did not use the Deus Ex Machina to such an extent in my opinion.

Seasons 1, 2 and 4 (but to a lesser extent) sure LOVED their Deus Ex machinas.

And I disagree with the wasted potential in Seasons 3 and 4. I feel that 3 and 4 were the better seasons of the series by far to be honest but they still have major flaws.

Seasons 1 and 2 on the other hand (ESPECIALLY Season 1) had a lot of wasted potential. So much that it infuriated me before.

And while I do agree with your general concerns about the potential, you need more points to back them up. You have 400 words, use them.

And its a damn shame that this series did not have a better execution of its ideas.
comment #27566 RyochiMayeabara 25th Dec 14
How about you actually EXPLAIN why you hate it instead of just blindly raging at the show, its creators, and its fans?
comment #27569 SomeNewGuy 25th Dec 14
...You know just stating a review score and ranting at how much you hate it without even-a-few-sentences-long-explanation doesn't give it any real weight, right?
comment #27570 omegafire17 25th Dec 14
Obvious troll review. At least the other negative/critical reviews had substance and reasoning (or at least attempted to).
comment #27571 Pannic 25th Dec 14

And I find it funny that the butthurt fans haven't raged at this one but all the other ones with substance and reasoning get their mark of disapproval.

Logic guys.
comment #27573 RyochiMayeabara 25th Dec 14
^By that same reasoning, anyone who disagrees with a disapproving review (legit, pure opinion or otherwise) is labeled a butthurt fan

Yup, that's logic for ya
comment #27584 omegafire17 25th Dec 14

That's not what I meant....should've worded it better. What I mean is when someone labels every flaw you point out as nitpicking or mindless hate when they are just doing simple criticism (not even in a sensible way they call your review terrible because of it). It also doesn't help that they blatantly say something akin to "your opinion doesn't matter" when some of us are pointing out problems with the show.

And NO I never said that anyone disagreeing with a disapproving review is labeled as a butthurt fan, I SAID that anybody who FLAGS somebody (another review) just for disagreeing with an opinion and apparently not being able to take it.

For example, in my reviews even though they were pretty unfavorable, I would rather hear ACTUAL OPINIONS like yours and Tom's rather than the blatant butthurt that I get from most of the people who commented who call all of my flaws nitpicks (even though some of them were but they pass off EVERYTHING as a nitpick).

And now you get reviews like this (though not as bad as some others I've seen. At least this one pointed out something wrong...)

comment #27585 RyochiMayeabara 25th Dec 14

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