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Two season reviews: Average of 4.5/10
12/30/2013 rewrite. Two season review.

Season 1 was promising. Korra's a so-so Avatar. Better than Aang by a long shot. Amon? Decent in his first few appearances, but quality declined rapidly. True identity was the final nail in the coffin. Tarrlok also decent until true identity.

Season 2 was, in a word, bad. Massive character derailment, both in existing (Korra) and newly established characters (Unalaq). Uninteresting and unnecessary side-plots about the Airbending kids and Tenzin and his siblings, a bland one-note villain, a bland one-note Big Good, which also completely rewrote the show's established mythology (if under the guise of "fleshing it out", which is bull). More MaKorrAsami shenanigans (because that didn't get old two seconds into Asami's introduction).

And most damningly of all, Jinora ex Machina. No explanation. Not even a single mention of where Jinora suddenly got all these crazy new powers. It's practically a Big Lipped Alligator Moment.

Varrick was the season's only saving grace. He's the Orochimaru to Legend of Korra's Naruto. A far more interesting character than literally every other character in the show. Put together. And multiplied by five. Hundred. Thousand. Million.

Season 1: 6/10 Season 2: 3/10 Season 3: Hiiigh hopes. I've got, hiiigh hopes. I've got, high apple pie in the skyyy hopes.
Seeing how everyone but you loved the kids, I think you need to find a new show because they're not going to be removed. It's also strange that you brought up the "shipping"...then referenced three people who don't ship at all in the entire series. I'd at least understand bringing up that other Love Triangle...

That has got to be the most negative "positive" review I think I've ever read.
comment #15205 Rebochan 5th Jul 12
And what about Asami Sato?
comment #16042 Manwiththeplan 8th Sep 12
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