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Reviews Comments: A series that is made of LOVE AND PEACE Trigun whole series review by jacobwildchalice

Trigun is one of those animes that appears to be one thing, then another. The first half deals with two agents who have been assigned to find Vash the Stampede, a wanted outlaw with a $$60 billion bounty on his head. It turns out that he's a complete dork who doesn't want to kill anyone... and is a ridiculious good shot. Later on, we're introduced to Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a priest that has a cross that carries handguns, a machine gun and a small rocket launcher. The first half is filled with action-packed gun fights that are very good to look at, but it also has substience underneath, as Vash (in one way or other) impacts the people he meets.

The second half has more gravity to it. With the introduction of Legatto Bluesummers and the Gung-Ho Guns, Vash's pacisifism is put to the test agaisnt Legatto's schmeme's, Wolfwood's cynicalism and memories of his past. This half is very philiosphical and deals with pacisifism and if humans are worthy enough to live.

With great gun fights, unforgettable charahcers and a twisting story line, Trigun is a wonderful ride from start to finish. I give it 5 out of 5 donuts.


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