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Reviews Comments: Unique, but not great. Adventure Time whole series review by Bioflakcake 22

Adventure Time is like an acid trip while watching an Aphex Twin music video; It's calm sometimes, and other times, It totally bombs. Adventure Time is full awkward dialogue, despite decent voice actors, genuinely exciting moments yet with painful forced romance arks. The show is a unique, and sometimes, very well imagined world. The humor is off - canter, but sometimes a gem shines through the useless rock of crappy dialogue. The characters, while strange, are relatable and sometimes memorable. The writing is sometimes good, sometimes bad. While it's (attempted) romance arks are pretty painfull, the show can have some really good moments. This show, well, it shines sometimes. While it isn't anything special, at least it isn't flash animation... I give it a good 8/10


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