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Reviews Comments: the Deutscher Reviewer's Review of reviewers That Guy With The Glasses whole series review by Reedteran

Hallo, Ich bin die Deutscher Reviewer. Yeah, I'm that guy who does the videos on youtube with heinous quality...congrats if you found me already. Since my reviews on film sucked, I guess I can write one...on Doug Walker and crew. I am a huge Nostalgia Critic fan...and a Spoony One fan...and a Linkara get the idea. These guys do a nice job of their reviews and make them entertaining during the entire bout. These guys have made tons of Running Gags, and they do a fine job of pulling them off. They all are pretty spot on to my opinion of the matter, and if I dont agree, they sway me to their side after the review is over. Now, since Spoony, though he branched off, holds a spot in my favorite reviewers, he gets a paragraph. THIS GUY IS GOOD. He did some great reviews, played that disc game...Horror Trax i think it was...that i once played (finally! someone else played that thing! skip to track 12 for excitement). He played System Shock (which was the first survival horror i ever played) and I agreed with him all the way through. This guy helped me muster up my decision to do reviews. And Dr. role model. I hear the rumors that this guy is teetering on the brink, though, so Spoony, this one's for you. Now, time to dive deep into the topic of the Nostalgia Critic himself, the figurehead of That Guy With The Glasses. Now, before I go on, I have to say, Doug Walker is a nice guy in real life. That being said, Doug does a great job of making the Critic into a world-class jerk. In many of his reviews, he rants so friggin hard that I swear Downfall Hitler is taking notes behind the camera. Even in his Signs review, in the rant he does about a PANTRY DOOOOOOOOOR(!!!!!!!!). He makes me laugh so hard my face gets as red as his. And I recommend his review of the Room...priceless. And he does sometimes have his bad reviews. Let's not mention Bert's Nightmare...but his crossover with Phelous on Child's Play was horrible. The Critic tried being funny, but Phelous dragged it down. That all said, im the Deutscher Reviewer, and you've just been Deutsched!


  • emeriin
  • 25th Jun 12
But he doesn't always rant. He can be very eloquent and heartwarming when he wants to be.
  • Wackd
  • 25th Jun 12
Jesus. Grammar is all over the place, no paragraph breaks...are you trying to replicate the low-quality charm of your You Tube stuff?

There's a good review hidden in here somewhere, though.

Also your Catch Phrase needs work.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 25th Jun 12
Yeah, it's 'der Deutsche Reviewer'

Gosh just because it's German doesn't mean you can just ignore Grammar Naziisim :D
  • Reedteran
  • 11th Jul 12
Forgive me, kind sirs, 'tis my first written review. I had no way of utilizingg paragraph breaks (due to my dissonant knowledge of these things) and I am actually trying to write my Deutsch now...after speaking it for so long and never actually writing it...I would say, though German born, I merely speak deutsch...and write English. Forgive me, then. -RT
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 12th Jul 12
This is why you should never try to draw attention to grammar in a non native language, I always end up being wrong and looking silly :D

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