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Reviews Comments: Prometheus: A disappointment or Just intruiging? Prometheus film/book review by Movie Brat

Itís near future of the year 2038, an expedition of a group of scientists led by the archeologist couple Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway (played by Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green respectively) discovered what seemed to be a starmap which could lead them to what could possibly be the actual creators of the human race. The crew consisting of David, the android (played by Michael Fassbender), Meridith Vickers (played by Charlize Theron), Janek (played by Idris Elba), etc. Unfortunately, they entered into a planet which could kill them or give them answers.

While some questions are answered but in the process creates more questions.

To which that is the biggest problem with the film, it created more questions. And worst of all, it acts like as if it were supposed to know all this. Not to mention, the entire film felt like a setup, evidenced by the fact that the filmmakers want to make sequels. Itís never a good sign when the answers youíre looking for can be found in an interview with one of the writers.

Another problem is the characterization. Every stupid moment they think of, they do it. For instance, one guy touched an alien cobra-like creature and surprise, surprise, he dies. Despite not seeing The Cabin in the Woods, wasn't this the sort of thing that film was satirizing in the first place?

But depsite how the characters were written, the actors give it all they got to at least put in a decent if not good performance. That and Noomi Rapace is easy on the eyes. And really, Idris Elba is the best actor in the entire film.

The production design however is very stellar, really impressive to look. You could that the filmmakers at least put in a major effort into creating various setpieces, creature designs, the inside of the spaceship Prometheus, everything.

It really depends if you think itís worth watching or not. On one hand, itís disappointing to know that the entire film was nothing but a setup. On the other hand, the visuals are very interesting to look at and to be fair, itís very intriguing enough for anyone to see how the entire film ends.

If youíre still interested, I at least recommend taking a look at it if youíre really curious about it. If youíre worried that itís exactly what it is being a disappointment and all, then by all means, donít see it if itís exactly what youíre expecting.


  • Ahooga
  • 27th Jun 12
I agree that Idris Elba was stellar.

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