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Reviews Comments: Using a brain is discouraged Bleach whole series review by Smoodle-Fshoodle

Bleach is fun and that's about the most anyone can say about it. The fights can be cool and nearly all the characters have an intriguing aspect to them but if you start to think about it too deeply, there are few reasons to watch it at all.

  • Fun, flashy fights (most of the time)
  • Quirky Characters, some of which are surprisingly well-developed and deep (Nnoitra is a prime example). Everyone will have a character or two they will attach themselves to.

  • Plotkai, loads of it
  • Monologuing characters. Nearly everyone gets an unnecessary monologue to explain the minutia of how their powers work.
  • Mary-Sues in abundance. Both the villain of the show and the hero could be considered these.
  • Dragging plot. Arcs take years to be published but only take place over a few days.

Overall: Bleach can be fun if you are willing to turn off your brain and watch the nonsensical chunky updraft fights pan out. If you watch it with your brain turned on, it can be exhausting. Bleach can try to take itself too seriously and just go down the badass or awesome road without caring what issues will be encountered story-wise. This creates too many situations where an ass pull has to occur for the main character to survive. Many characters are shallow, despite quirkiness, and can seem annoying, the human body contains upwards of 12 gallons of blood, arms can be regrown, and being thrown through a wall without injury is commonplace.

In brainless mode, I rate the manga an 8.5/10 and the anime 7/10. With my brain turned on, the manga drops to 6/10 and the anime less than 5/10. It manages that much by having a few interesting characters and concepts that redeem the series for its BS.


  • Ragol
  • 25th Jun 12
Glad to see someone finally admitting that not everything they like has to be good.

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