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Reviews Comments: My Take on Dear S Dear S whole series review by link 4117

Obviously YMMV a lot. This review is only about the anime. This is just my opinion and others will think differently

Well I found it extremely hard to get through the first 5 episodes. Arguably I got used to it and/or the show got better later, but I found the first few episodes really annoying. The main character is given to wild dramatic expressions and comes off as very unlikable to the viewer in the beginning. When I say wild dramatic expressions think Chobits' Hideki's but more volume, more yelling in general, and to me more annoying.

I think it strives to be a slice of life show combined with fan service and comedy but I just had a hard time with it. I didn't find it the situations all that funny, more just overused gags from other shows that did it better. If I had to make comparisons I would say it's like Chobits with less plot and depth, and To-Love-Ru with less comedy and a less likable protagonist.

The main problem is that a lot of the characters are given to overly expressive reactions to anything. One girl remains the sole sane person, but it gets annoying that everyone's response to something that can be talked about in a normal voice is taking it to the nth level of volume and making baseless accusations. If you've watched Bleach and know Keigo, think of watching him, except almost every one of the students is like him. Like I said, YMMV especially if you like those Keigo-like characters, I simply didn't enjoy it.

Overall I thought it was a hackneyed approach to the magical girlfriend and alien situation. It, for me, lacked any serious plot. Also, I feel that everything that happened in the show happened in others, but the others handled them better. While it's too much to ask for 100% originality when everything has been done these days, there just wasn't an intriguing moment that made me say, "Oh this makes this series stand out in this way".

If you like a show full of hotblooded characters that constantly make misunderstandings where even by anime standards a misunderstanding wouldn't happen, this is your show. Personally after reading other reviews I perhaps expected too much. I think the show tried to take the best of others and combine them, but the mish mash just didn't work out. The series could have been great, but what could have been and what it is are two very different things.


  • 29th May 10
I totally agree with you here. Such 'gag' shows which overhypes the use of nonsensical situations such as yellings, character 'deaf'ening and even improbable timing cock-blocks should cease to exist for the love of genre.....
  • SG_man_forever
  • 1st Jul 10
I don't think it was as bad as all that. It was average, that's for sure, and some episodes were not all that great, but the teacher was very funny, and the fanservice was good (and yes, fanservice is a legit reason to want to watch a show).

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