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Reviews Comments: So far, it's pretty good. The Legend Of Korra season review by Synchronicity

As someone who was a fan of the previous series, The Legend Of Korra has some pretty big shoes to fill in my opinion. But I'd say it's doing a pretty decent job. Production-wise, The Legend Of Korra is a stunning show.

  • The art is fantastic - the architecture is beautiful, the setting as a whole is very big and very real, the motions of the characters are fluid and dynamic. The character designs are all lovely, and I really like how they manage to incorporate both traditionalism and modernism in the city, as well as the characters' designs and personalities. I love how the show's colors get progressively darker in order to reflect the series's tone.
  • The voice acting is very real and believable.
  • The battle scenes are amazing.
  • Some of the characters - especially the side ones who have rightfully become fan favorites - are just beautifully rendered, believably characterized, and all around spotlight-stealers (Lin and Tahno being examples). Despite what is stated below, however, our protagonists are still likable - Korra, for example, is an Idiot Hero who is certainly shaking things up, but even she is not immune to bouts of low self-esteem. Characters are great for the most part. Amon, especially, is a great villain.
  • The call backs to the original series are heartwarming in a way.
  • The soundtrack is just great - it sounds very oriental and very jazzy and very 20's all in one.

  • Sometimes it feels like characterization is being given up to make way for shipping - case in point, Bolin - We do not see him growing from his heartbroken Makorra kiss experience, and the way he shrugs it off after that episode is almost disturbing. Shipping is all well and good, but the way it's done on this show seems very rushed and sloppy, even for something that was meant to be a twelve-episode series.
  • The plot also moves pretty fast. This review was written post-tenth episode, and I'm very curious to see how they'll resolve everything (including the sudden addition of a new, important character at the end) in two episodes. But this was originally planned to be twelve episodes long...


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