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Reviews Comments: Further impressions Thunder Cats 2011 season review by Albertosaurus

Alright, so I thought season one had ended with episode thirteen but it turns out I was wrong. So here's my review of the second half of the first season. In my previous review, I said that the series was alright, but that it could use some improvement. So is this the improvement I've been waiting for? Yes and no.

On the positive side, one of my major complaints has been adressed: the narrow focus on Lion-O. Tygra, Panthro and even Kit and Kat all have episodes centered around them, and they work pretty well. Cheetara is still woefully underdeveloped, though. There's another flashback to Lion-O's ancestor, which was one of my favorite episodes of the first half of the season. And then there's Pumyra, who is a great addition to the team.

So how does it all hold up? Well, when it's good, it's very good, but when it's bad, it's really bad. Especially the final stretch before the season finale was just awful - Kit and Kat's encounter with that raccoon guy (even if it all did turn out to be plot-relevant), the episode involving the potion peddler and the one about the Soul Sever - no, that didn't work for me at all, a major disappointment coming so shortly after the awesome stuff in Dog City and the mines. The season finale, though, is much better and has a few genuinely shocking plot twists, and one can see the myth arc coming slowly together. Still wondering when they'll finally get to El-Dara, though.

However, the series' biggest weakness at this point is Mumm-Ra. I can deal with a one-dimensional bad guy trying to conquer the universe as long as he's menacing, and Mumm-Ra just isn't. Despite transforming into one super-mode after another, he just keeps getting defeated with remarkably little effort. Also the lizards: the pilot hinted at a more sympathetic treatment of Mumm-Ra's mooks, but that plot thread appears to have been forgotten entirely.

Still, despite its faults the series is often entertaining. I'll keep watching to see how it all turns out.

(EDIT: Apparently, there may not be a second season. Which would really be a shame. Like I said above: despite its faults, I did enjoy the series and would like to get some closure.)


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