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Reviews Comments: Hilarious Snow White And The Huntsman film/book review by Birdiedogcatlove

I went into the theater hoping it will be an okay movie, considering the plot line is actually quite interesting. It ended up in a laughing fest with my friends. Kristen Stewart was, once again, expressionless for a HUGE part of the movie, and there are so many places that are just so clichéd it's funny. One of the better things, though, would be the visuals. Treat it as a picture that no one can understand, or just really strange... Stuff, and you'll be fine. But, if you are planning to watch it, my advice is: Don't. It's quite a bad movie, with Mary Sues, Necrophilias and so, so much cheesy dialogue. Again, a hilarious movie, which really isn't supposed to be, and beautiful artsy visuals. That's probably the ONLY good thing about the movie. A little bit of Love Triangle and Wrong Guy First. Deconstructing it and pointing out the epically FAIL parts was a lot of fun.


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