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Reviews Comments: A.N.T Farm Review Ant Farm whole series review by radar 111

Hello guys! This is my first review and I just wanted to start out by saying that A.N.T Farm is a moderately eh kinda show. If you are like 5 you might enjoy it but I really hated it! Sorry. I have viewed this show in my spare time because I was bored but this show was just stupid! It wasn't funny at all! Like I usually laugh maybe once a show if it's good I was basically frowning this whole show! Out of ***** (5 stars) I give it */ (1 and a half stars). Anyway you get the point. If you like this show than thats just your opinion and this is mine. I really didn't like this show!!! So yeah that's all I have to say for now! -Radar111


  • PaperPikmin
  • 19th Jul 12
I agree. I almost never laughed while watching this show, and I can't believe anyone else ever would. The jokes are very cheesy and predictable, and the acting is stale.
  • RobbieRotten
  • 25th Oct 13
You don't need to say sorry. This is world where most Disney sitcoms are hated, so you are not alone. Though it's nice to don't hate peoople who disagree.

But but "moderlatly eh" is VERY DIFFERENT from "hate" which you claim later. Kind of weird.

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