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Absolutelly Amazing
The Avengers

Joss Whedon tells a story, which, though typical, is masterfully developed. First, an enviable and satirical script defines the pace of the work, which remains strong throughout the film, building up tension to conclude in a powerful final act. This is achieved in part thanks to the characterization of the characters, well defined by their dialogues and the performances of the actors, which easily draw the different personalities of heroes and villains, trying to make the viewer vibrate with the clash of egos when they appear together on screen.

Special mention to Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and Tom Hiddleston as Loki. The latter is a successful asset for the film, as the fun of seeing him interact on screen is only comparable to his great performance (amazing the scenes with Stark, Natasha and Thor) showing a complex, even tragic, villain (although occasionally terrifying) whose motivation, while simple at first glance, is more complex and interesting to an attentive viewer(pay special attention to his dialogue and facial expresions, particularly in the scenes with Thor, Agent Coulson and the ones in the final act.

I also have criticism, however, as the final conflict may not like, to a greater or lesser extent, to those who do not tolerate the special effects. However, I must say that such scenes are a delight to the eye, well developed not only in effects but also in cinematography and style (emphasis on a sublime Oner where the camera follows the characters, artistically impressive). Also, Whedon is not content with what is called "Eye Candy", and the outcome gives us a remarkable argument structure to outline the relationships between its characters, seasoned, successfully, with irreverent dialogue and epic moments to make it more palatable.

Another negative, in my opinion is, that, although the premise wonderfully done, giving a good shape to a somewhat simplistic plot, as I said the movie does not redefine any trend that we have not seen before, despite the fact that shows such concepts much better than any other film of its kind. However, although imperfect, the film satisfies at all times, and the scale between hits and misses is enough to make of the Avengers an excellent film.


Is English you're first language? You've got a delightful sentence structure, it's very fun to read. Almost a little Shakespearean
comment #14890 Tomwithnonumbers 16th Jun 12
I'm pretty sure his native language is spanis (he used "tambien" and "plasma"). Wonderful writing, I must say.
comment #14894 Ilichburger 16th Jun 12
I felt that may be the case, but I phrased it like this, because I genuinely found it lovely to read and didn't want to sound sarcastic. Specifically, there was a wonderful use of subclauses, and pacing thereof, which I had not beheld in writing before.
comment #14896 Tomwithnonumbers 16th Jun 12
Sorry guys. I actually know how to write, but I had this review in Spanish so I used Google Translator. I'll correct it.
comment #14904 didich 17th Jun 12
Didich, I'm not being sarcastic. There was nothing inappropriate or wrong at all, (apart from a few typos) but the way you compose sentences when translated from your language makes a very attractive piece of text to read. It was genuinely a pleasure to read. People don't think about how what they write sounds (except in a few cases) and normally what they write sounds very unspecial and a bit clunky maybe, you're writing style on the other hand sounds lovely.

This is genuinely a compliment, whether it's deliberate or just coming across from the translation, being able to write like this is a gift that not many people have
comment #14905 Tomwithnonumbers 17th Jun 12

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