Reviews Comments: Ignore the ending controversy, this is a good game

Ignore the ending controversy, this is a good game
Mass Effect 3 will go down as one of the greatest, most infamous titles in history. Much of the controversy is how Bio Ware ended the trilogy. However we are not going to discuss it here. Instead this is my humble opinion of the game as a whole.

The third entry is more cinematic in terms of storytelling and camera angles. The graphics are a sight to behold. For me it is the attention to detail, steam from a mug of coffee or traffic in the Citadel. The art has become more stylized, characters are not quite as realistic as they were in the first two games but they look cleaner. However most of the effort is in the scenery. Look at Palaven early in the game in awe.

The third game continues the trend of high quality voice acting. Much of the drama and humor comes from the interaction with the characters, and the talent and effort brought forth really shows. However certain characters sound different. Mordin's voice actor had changed but you'd barely notice as it's pulled off so well, but it can be a little jarring hearing Garrus or Wrex.

Bio Ware had really tried to address criticism from the first two games by replacing searching and scanning by eavesdropping on conversations and fly by scan systems while avoiding Reapers. Same goes for weapons and items, boasting many choices with displayed add ons. Powers are similar in that you can level up how you want, faster cool downs, better range, more power and the like.

One thing worthy of mention is the moral choices made in the game are very meaty, with your actions having a large impact on the game and the series as a whole. A certain level of pre planning is needed to get certain outcomes, and what initially looked to be the right choice is not always so, demonstrating replay value for those who want a different story or wish to see how the plot can change.

This game introduces multiplayer as a way of building up your points to get the best ending. You fight Geth, Cerberus and Reapers across locations found in single player mode and the idea is to build up your character to be shipped off to war and improve your chances when playing solo. It's a fun addition and something fans of Halo would very much enjoy.

All in all it's a credit that the ending doesn't detract from the quality of the game. And the Extended Cut addresses many of the concerns over the ending anyway.


Palaven, not Pavelon.
comment #14845 McSomeguy 14th Jun 12
Thanks, thanks for that. There's probably a couple of other typos in there as well, but I wanted to get the review out.

I was going to do a detailed review of the ending but...well...yeah.
comment #14852 tsstevens 14th Jun 12
Okay son. Here is a review of the ending.

The ending has a Deux Ex Machina in the for of the Catalyst, who is behind the Reaper threat. Rather than beating Saren and Sovereign in the first game or the Collectors in the second game Shepard has a choice of three ways to stop the Reapers.

Am I correct in what I'm saying so far?

Each choice amounts to a Pyrrhic Victory. Either Shepard sacrifices him\herself, fuses biology and technology or sacrifices machines.

Is this accurate?

Now here is the first issue with the endings. It's a curve ball for gamers after the first two games. They wanted to crush the Reapers.

The second problem is the Reapers were built up to be too much of a threat to be defeated without there something like the Catalyst being written in.

Now the endings as they were originally shown were ambiguous and bleak. In fact some fans thought with the Normandy being stranded the Krogan would begin killing and eating the rest of the crew, who would eventually starve to death.

That isn't inaccurate is it?

Related to the endings is how there was the promise that you don't have to play multiplayer to get a better ending, you could get a Golden Ending, and there was a Playable Epilogue. None of these things turned out to be true.

Since this is oh so important to you, can you calmly and rationally show where there might be inconsistencies? Or do you lack the maturity and mental facilities to do so?
comment #18046 tsstevens 5th Feb 13
I personally think having the endings more amibiguous and bleak is the maturer thing to do. It's the difference between the Lord of the Rings, where even after their adventures, Frodo eventually had to sail away because the scars were too much and Harry Potter where they all marry each other and live happily ever after
comment #18063 TomWithNoNumbers 6th Feb 13
Sure. However it would be nice if we could have someone in support of the endings who could guide us through Angry Joe's dissection of the endings and help explain how the criticism is wrong. And not, y'know, have one troll account every week since the game was released (seriously I counted, and it's something like forty one now.)
comment #18068 tsstevens 6th Feb 13
Hey tsstevens, could you please explain why you posted the same comment on six other review pages?
comment #18069 Scardoll 6th Feb 13
Oh that? Yeah sure: When the troll was here earlier under his forty first account he was spamming troll messages I thought I would pose an Armor Piercing Question in the hopes that after ignoring didn't work, locking the pages didn't work, showing we are amused by his antics didn't work, agreeing didn't work, banning didn't work, appeasement didn't work, claiming it was the best ending ever didn't work, calling those who don't like the ending stuff that make him look like a choir boy didn't work, trying to rationally discuss the endings didn't work, destroy, synthesis, control, refusal didn't work, this might. I stopped after I was asked to knock it off but what's it going to take to get him to stop. He is by far the most obsessed troll I have ever seen in my eighteen years of computing.
comment #18070 tsstevens 6th Feb 13
There was someone swearing at everyone who gave a negative review of ME 3 and tsstevens starting replying to a handful of them. Then the swearing comments got removed and it strands the conversation a little
comment #18071 TomWithNoNumbers 6th Feb 13
  • ninja'd
comment #18072 TomWithNoNumbers 6th Feb 13
Would you be able to show us what mistakes were made in the video please?
comment #18076 tsstevens 6th Feb 13
Whoops, looks like the mods were cleaning here when I was writing. Thanks.
comment #18077 tsstevens 6th Feb 13
Not a bad review, but you should've spent more time talking about the 3rd game rather than the series as a whole.
comment #18674 Spirit 30th Mar 13
If there were room to then certainly I would have. Being the biggest 'can't miss' game pre release in recent memory, quite a lot has been said about the game, the weapon modifications, the way side quests are handled. I wanted to try and show how Bio Ware tried to fix driving the Mako and planet scanning that were criticized in the first two games and try and comment on what they got right rather than missed opportunities, what was promised and left out or the writing. Instead of saying we want to go back to planet scanning and driving the Mako address how these were criticized so something different was thought up in a bid to address these problems.
comment #19148 tsstevens 25th Apr 13
Understandable. Still that would've been best done in the in a review on the Mass Effect page which covers the series as a whole. The 400 word limit is pretty limiting so you're reviews have to be focused and concise.
comment #19413 Spirit 18th May 13
Tried tightening it up a little, from one big Mass Effect fan to another let's see how that works. I'm not sure if I could do a trope review like I did the second game.
comment #19501 tsstevens 23rd May 13
Better now, but still has a couple niggling details. The mentions of "The third game" and "The third entry" in the second and third paragraphs, being vestiges from before the rewrite, are now redundant. The fourth paragraphs also doesn't really address just how Bioware addressed the criticisms, on top of the fact that the eavesdropping most likely has nothing to do with previous criticisms. Finally I'm not sure why Halo fans would appreciate the multiplayer; it's mention seems out of place.
comment #19527 Spirit 24th May 13

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