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Reviews Comments: Liked it The Legend Of Korra whole series review by Dr Psyche

Upon looking at Legend of Korra, I was happy. I didn't see all of the original series: one or two episodes of season one, some of season two, and the latter half of Season 3 (including the movie). I got most information from this site. I like Legend of Korra, the aesthetic and the city itself feels just as big to me, as the previous world that the Original series took place in. Personally, I liked the old Firenation war machines, and the upgrade in technology was very nice. The look of the new machines is still very in-vocative of that old technology. I like the music, it's that old Oriental music, blended with some jazz-esque tunes, which remind me of the twenties (chich the series in general reminds me of). Several other points.
  • Animation: Love it, the cars, the city, the mechs, they all look amazing.
  • Voice Acting: very good, It syncs up well, and the voices are enjoyable to listen to. I keep thinking about Transformers Prime every time Amon opens his mouth.
  • Characters: I like all of them, no considerable gripes have popped up yet. Amon is a very threatening and mysterious villain, and to me feels better than Ozai. The Heroes are all likable (to me anyway). I like the concepts of the police force, but they go down way too easy (I have this complaint in many shows, where enforcers are reduced to mooks to show off the bad guy talents).
  • Shipping: don't care about, whatever they do in the series I'll be fine with.
The series itself feels like the direction that Avatar would go, older heroes, more advanced technology, more ambiguous settings, very mature themes (not to say they weren't prevalent in the original), and (arguably more) enjoyable fights.
  • Final thoughts: The setting and animation are the golden points to me, as is the action. This is a very good series, and I recommend it to anyone looking for some quality entertainment.


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