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Material Days
Andyzero: A deeply bitter fic that overcompensates Yuuno's Demoted To Extra status by taking constant potshots at the Yuri fandom and even the canon events of the series itself while explaining, with dead seriousness, that women should throw themselves at men.


Could you please elaborate on your points? I see a lot of people overcompensating for what happened by Yuuno, especially by making him more powerful than he comes off in canon (contrary to what people believe, Vita wasn't attacking him at full strength in Episode 2 of As), but I'd like to hear how you think that, and the shots at yuri fandom and canon events, as well as the belief that women should throw themselves at men, come into play. This is not as much of a criticism of the review as an expression of my desire to hear more.
comment #16139 Valiona 15th Sep 12
Eh, I like Yuuno. But I think the story sucks and is as bland and dumb as harem fics usually are. Actual humor is replaced with Take Thats at Yuri shippers and the Materials being "whacky".
comment #16141 kay4today 15th Sep 12
Shippers are Acceptable Targets.
comment #16149 GrandPrincePaulII 16th Sep 12
Sure. When it's actually funny and not just Facepalm inducing. XDD
comment #16151 kay4today 16th Sep 12

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