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Reviews Comments: Behold the deconstructor fleet! (Armed with 16In guns) The Conversion Bureau Not Alone fanfic review by dalekandrews

The problem that faces most people reding this fic is that the don't know what it is.

It's not an Original Flavor fic based on canon MLP:Fi M.

It's not a Humanity: Fuck Yeah! fic.

It's not a Revenge Fic of the Conversion Bureau ponies getting nuked.

It's not an anvil-heavy "moral" lesson about humanity.

What it really is, is a deconstruction of the entire Conversion Bureau genre. Whereas the original failed to adress the ethical issues regarding ponification and made a massive Karma Houdini out of Celestia, this one makes those issues paramount to the story, putting them in the spotlight and hadling them realistically. Where the original had Wish Fulfillment, Humans Are The Real Monsters, and Can't Argue With Ponies, this one has intrigue, political fallout and sympathetic characters. On both sides.

Here, Celestia's misanthropism is put in display right from the very beggining, and rather than submit to it as in the original, humanity reacts as it would have done so if the situation hade presented. We disagree, we fight back, as any other human would've done so.

However, what is truly remarkable is that the author makes sure to not make any side an utter monster, or a complete saint. There are humans that react violently to the ponies, with racism and bigotry to match that of the ponies themselves. At the same time, there are also ponies who don't agree with the ponification, and humans who believe that a species can't possibly ber represented by their worst elements.

All in all, an interesting, compelling fic that makes its world look real.


  • DrKilljoy
  • 5th Jun 12
Thank you =)
  • Deek
  • 5th Jun 12
This is both an accurate and factual review.

I approve!
  • Durabys
  • 17th Jun 12
As always Dalek Ix's genius nails the problem into its head with its Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Giga Drill. :D
  • Tinandel
  • 25th Jun 12
I disagree that this fic is a deconstruction. I don't really think it is at all. So far as I'm concerned, the only that has ever really deconstructed TCB in a plausible way is What Would Really Happen.

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