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Reviews Comments: Doesn't matter if it's not finished, there is no redeeming this fic. The Conversion Bureau Not Alone fanfic review by Zennistrad

Alright, let me start right off the bat by saying that, even though it's not yet finished, this entire fic's premise is to take likable characters and make them villains. If you're going to do that, then you've failed as a fanfic writer before you've even begun.

In the series proper, Twilight Sparkle has always taken time to put a lot of thought into responding to new and unfamiliar situations, but in this story, she takes a cursory glance at the human race and then writes them off as the bad guys, going so far as to provoke all-out war.

While it would make sense that she wouldn't necessarily make the best judgment in such a situation, the fact that Princess Celestia actually stands by this statement is utterly baffling.

Did the author somehow miss that learning to understand, and more importantly accept others' differences is the central theme of the actual show?

Twilight has always been portrayed as a character who would at least try to be open-minded in an unfamiliar circumstance, and while she may not necessarily succeed, having her make a broad generalization for an entire species is not something that she would do.

And then Princess Celestia, who's been shown in canon to put as much effort as possible into establishing some sort of mutual understanding, goes against everything she's ever been shown to stand for by continuing this position. I don't believe it for one second.

The story itself also draws uncomfortable parallels to World War II, and it appears that the Equestrians for Humans organization is based off of the White Rose, a resistance group against Nazi Germany.

So, the Equestrians are basically Nazis now. It doesn't matter where the fic goes from here or if they learn their lesson, this is a premise that utterly fails to begin with.

As per Godwins Law, the discussion ends here.


  • GentlemensDame883
  • 5th Jun 12
Dear Sir,

As the title indicates, this is meant to be a reaction to and satire/Deconstruction Fic of The Conversion Bureau. By your comment, I can see that you have not read it. At the very least understand the context and know what you are criticising before you respond.
  • Deek
  • 5th Jun 12
Yeah, go read the [[The Conversion Bureau]] page. Esp. the quotes on top. That will explain so much about this fic.
  • DialgaX
  • 5th Jun 12
Read the page for the original. You will see that this fic is a reaction to the exact same things that appear in the original fic.
  • AngelForm
  • 5th Jun 12
Zennistrad, you have clearly not realised that the story is Recursive Fanfiction. While is does use the same OOC situation as the original The Conversion Bureau stories (which is all you describe and more) it approaches the situation, and the characters reactions, realistically.
  • Darius14015
  • 15th Jun 12
Great review!
  • CommitteeofEight
  • 25th Jun 12
Starman Ghost’s The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone is a Recursive Fanfiction of [[The Conversion Bureau]]. Everything Zennistrad says is true. . . about [[The Conversion Bureau]].
  • mcdoomburger
  • 31st Jan 13
Brilliant review, save for the fact that you don't seem to understand this is a recursive fanfic; if there are assholes in this fanfic, it's because they're monsterous in the original Conversion Bureau. The characters in this story aren't actually the Show's characters; instead, it's the Conversion Bureau's characters.
  • TheMoiderah
  • 19th Feb 13
You failed to understand the context and the point of this fiction. Completely. Good job.
  • TheMoiderah
  • 19th Feb 13
I mean, fuck, it said that, and I quote, "while not strictly necessary, reading or at least having knowledge of TCB is strongly advised."

It was fucking bolded. How did you miss that?
  • ManCalledTrue
  • 19th Feb 13
If I could downvote your review, sir, I would. And Darius's.
  • sonanthem90
  • 14th Jul 13
Man Called True is one of the reasons why I have lost faith in humanity. I would downvote your comment.

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