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Reviews Comments: What a lot of wasted potential (season 1) The Looney Tunes Show season review by romanator X

This could have examined how the insanity of the Looney Tunes characters could coexist in a typical sitcom setting! This COULD have subverted the typical sitcom formula. The characters COULD have been likeable.

Sadly.... this does not happen.

The show follows the same old tired plot and the same old tired jokes. If they were initially intending for a parody, then the writers? They Just Didnt Care!

The characters have the distinct personality of sandpaper. Daffy Duck is such a Jerk Ass Creators Pet that he makes WESLEY FREAKING CRUSHER look sympathetic! Bugs is a bit of a Mary Sue, as well as Speedy. Porky is just a forced attempt to be The Woobie by having the universe constantly flip him off. Lola seems to be the funniest character, but even then, she just does not develop enough for the character to be truly likeable. (Ironically, despite the Space Jam incarnation being more boring then sandpaper, they transformed Lola into the closest thing to a true Looney Tune).

Hopefully, Season 2 will go in a more developed, wackier direction. If not, then I see this show being dumped (or at least screwed by CN beforehand), Warner Bros. finally taking this franchise off life support, and the show going down in history as the final blow to the Tunes franchise.

(Edit: Okay, I will admit that Casa De Calma was a good episode, because it FEELS like what the show should have been.)


  • Scardoll
  • 29th May 12
...Porky has always had the universe constantly flip him off. What changed? ?:[

I haven't watched the series, but how can two of the main characters who bounce off of each other both be favored by the creators?

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