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Reviews Comments: A little too negative for my taste Atop The Fourth Wall episode/issue review by Tomwithnonumbers

Atop The Fourth Wall is a Nostalgia Critic style review series of bad comics with story arcs and humour. I feel Linkara is one of the strongest personalities on That Guy With The Glasses * Even if you don't read comics really or have familiarity with the specific ones he's talking about, he'll go through it carefully and even explain some of the history and backstory you need to know. It never feels like knowledge is required and should be open to more than comic fans.

I can't really review the story arcs because I don't like that sort of thing and so skip them, but you can do that, his stuff is long enough that you don't lose out.

But despite all this, I've only watched 15 ish of his videos (from fairly scattered time periods, and all of some of his event series' though). I just can't make myself watch them and it very quickly becomes an anti-enjoyable experience for me.

The thing is, he's too negative. His thing is this is where bad comics burn, so he doesn't come into them looking for a judgement, but to entertain the audience by ripping into them. He's got a strong fanbase so people must enjoy him, but he's so keen to seek out the bad things that he stretches too far doing so, it also creates quite a flat dynamic, constantly hearing bad things makes everything boring eventually because there's no change or pacing to it. EDIT: Linkara does point out good things in the main review, I'm not sure why it doesn't feel like it /EDIT By contrast, the Nostaliga Critic is also careful to point out the good things and not everything is mind boggling awful, it builds up to rages, slowly, with boring bits and headscratchers until the full out suckiness is released.

With Linkara it becomes easy to stop agreeing him and think 'hold on, but there are plenty of things that do that which aren't necessarily bad' . Instead of agreeing with him and having fun learning about the awfulness of something together with someone, instead it becomes about how Linkara doesn't really know that much about suicide or depression and some of his points really aren't that valid.

At the end he does a summary where he puts the comic into context, sums up the good and the bad. This works, it's just a shame the rest isn't like that.


  • Wackd
  • 26th May 12
He does do that, actually. More often recently he'll end reviews with "this comic...doesn't suck" or "this okay." In fact, if anything is short awful he's sure to mention it. Watch more of his recent stuff, or if you want less of a rage-fest and more of a light-hearted ribbing watch his Secret Origins Month videos or anything that looks like it's cheesy. Hell, sometimes when you legitimately feel a "this comic sucks" coming on he'll surprise you.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 26th May 12
I did say that at the end he does that :D Last line of my review, and I said it was good and it's a shame he doesn't do that for the rest.

And I have watched his recent stuff the suicide/depresion stuff is part of his PSA month
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 26th May 12

  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 5th Jun 12
My edit is entirely true of what I did edit because I had to juggle to get in the wordcount. There's something about the way Linkara deals his negatives that I can't figure out but makes it easy to feel that maybe Linkara is in the wrong rather than the comic
  • Filby
  • 5th Aug 12
I have to admit, I like Linkara best when he's reviewing things that aren't bad, just incredibly weird, and just laughing at them. Like any given Silver Age comic.
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 2nd Jan 13
Well I've got to give Linkara credit for his episodes listing all his screw-ups. Its a really honest thing to do, that he seems to do with good spirit and very few world-class organisations can claim that much integrity in publishing corrections. He makes an entertaining full length episode out of all of them. Whats more he specifically deals with the issues I had in mind in his latest one and has sincerely admitted he made a mistake in the way he talked about depression. I can at least try and shadow his example and try to make amends. I still think Linkara's at his best when he#s talking about something that isn't out and out negative but he's drawn me back again and again, more than almost any other Channel Awesome producer
  • JamesPicard
  • 7th Feb 14
Being fair also, he ripped off the Screw-Ups video from Nostalgia Critic. I know that because some douchy nitpicker told me so. Though he takes it a step farther than Doug, and does 15 instead of 11. But yeah, One More Day deserved to be burned. Oh, check out his Brute Force reviews if you want something that isn't very negative. He spends most of the time actually praising the book for being so cheesy that it's awesome.

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