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Reviews Comments: Fantastic! The Avengers 2012 film/book review by billyjoel 42

Warning: there is gushing ahead. If you're looking for a balanced review with constructive criticism, you've got the wrong review.

I don't even no where to start here. Its like a cheesy Michael Bay movie if someone put A LOT more time and effort into the script. I guess one of my favorite things is the character dynamics qnd dialogie. Mostly the dialogue. The film has completely erased any doubts I had about the acting abilities of Chris Evans and further solidified both Hulk and Hawkeye as my new favorite marvel characters. There is also some great humor and slapstick, and while some other reviews on this sight have criticized it as out pf place, I respectively disagree. I personally felt it wad one of the best parts of the movie, and after seeing the destruction Loki's caused because of what boils down to a hurt ego, seeing Hulk wail on him like an angry chimp playing with a stuffed toy was quite satisfing, and one of the funniest Parts of the movie. In conclusion, this movie is now a cultural phenomenon and Im proud to be a part of it.


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