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You're just one giant walking personification of Seinfeld Is Unfunny aren't you.
comment #14424 marcellX 24th May 12 (edited by: marcellX)
I don't disagree with your points but the presentation of this review is abysmal. Do try to organize your thoughts better. Also, your last point is very condescending. You seem to think people must have a childish personal hangup to find entertainment in something you don't. Not a good way to start a discussion.
comment #14425 Kaizoku20 24th May 12
So you open this review up by bashing Sailor Moon, and yet your username is "sailormoon 22"?
comment #14448 Patworx 26th May 12
Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful. Seriously, come up with better material.
comment #14469 Zarmyn 27th May 12
Even if the reviewer is trolling, I actually agree with her points. I know people at my high school who still idolize Goku, but say anime is "gay" and "for japanese nerds". I never liked Dragonball Z; Not only was I a kid when it was on, but it was nothing but fighting and filler. I prefered the original Dragonball because of it's humor, but according to Z fans, that makes me a "fag". Not only is DBZ of poor quality, but it breeds bad fans.
comment #14470 MrMallard 27th May 12
I think it's unfair to blame the work for a group of people it may attack. Every piece of work has some bad fans, doesn't mean it was the work's fault, it means that's just the way those people are.
comment #14478 marcellX 28th May 12
...Yeah, I guess. My bad, sorry.
comment #14480 MrMallard 28th May 12
I should read the original sometime...
comment #16678 lovermother 28th Oct 12
Mr Mallard, I think that you should check out Dragon Ball Z Kai, it has none of the filler of the original.
comment #23000 MHMhasf1998 23rd Jan 14
Oh, and Sailormoon 22, go vent out your feelings towards this series, THEN do a review, because you have obviously let your negative emotions and bias taint your view on this.
comment #23001 MHMhasf1998 23rd Jan 14
sailormoon22, to paraphrase A Troll in Central Park: "You're a bad troll, a very bad troll".
comment #23008 Quag15 23rd Jan 14
.....This is dead already. There is no point "calling out" someone who has been gone for two years.
comment #23011 Atha 24th Jan 14
This was probably made with troll intentions. And yet... he's fundamentally right.
comment #23014 Sligh_Br 24th Jan 14
comment #23019 doctrainAUM 24th Jan 14
No, but trying to talk to the author on an old review is kind of pointless
comment #23022 Hylarn 24th Jan 14
^ Well, at least he's gone. And good riddance.
comment #25100 LSSJ2Gohan 4th Jul 14
How do you know the author is gone?
comment #25102 Mr.Movie 4th Jul 14

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