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Reviews Comments: Fantastic and Funny Digger whole series review by Speedchesser

I was directed to Digger by a family member, and I was hooked almost instantly. Despite how it starts seeming kind of silly, Ursula Vernon quickly wins ones heart with her characters, from the somewhat-insane Murai to the overly silly Shadowchild to the humorous and loveable hyena Ed.

Ursula Vernon amazed me from the start. Her style of black and white was fantastic for all the underground scenes, her characters were amazing and realistic, and the only character death that I cried over was in her world. It took me mere moments to fall in love with each of her characters, and in one case it took a mere page.

759 pages, and Digger has to deal with a god, yet it doesn't feel like it's going to fast. I can't go into detail about why I like the plot given my 400 word limitation, but I can say that it's honestly amazing how much story was fitted in while the plot felt like it was barely jogging along.

Another thing I loved was that the comic was how it managed to get away with being so strange at times. For most artists, it's drawing the line when you have vampire squash and oracular slugs in a work that's supposed to be realistic. Not Ursula Vernon. She includes such oddities into her world without making the comic seem any less serious, at least until Digger comments on the situation.

It may not be for everyone, but I would definitely recommend giving it a try, hopefully continuing to the end. There is sorrow, there is humour, and there are things that are simply too ridiculous to be believed.

In short, it was one of my favourite comics of all time, and should be checked out thoroughly. It captured my heart, made me laugh, and at the last moment delivered an emotional blow equal to the physical one that I would have received if it had clubbed me over the head with a pickaxe.


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