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Reviews Comments: The Stalking Series The Stalking Zuko Series fanfic review by Iceheart 123

I was originally attracted to the series because of the premise. I liked the idea of Katara being so concerned about the welfare of her group that she takes to keeping tabs on Zuko. All of the stories are hilarious and realistic. They really go into what happened between the episodes. I don't usually like "Zutara" romances (too many cliches), but these are different and refreshing to me because the romance is evolving slowly and doesn't feel rushed. I also like the author's notes that describe the author's rationale behind certain scenes. However, I think that the best part of this series is the length and quality of these chapters as well as the amount of times that the stories are updated (every few days to a week). The predictability of knowing when it is going to be updated is very sweet to me. Highly recommended.


  • Valiona
  • 9th Dec 13
It was well-written, but I had a few issues with it.

First is the assumption that leaving Ozai alive is a foolishly idealistic solution. I left a lengthy review on Fanfiction that essentially expressed some of my issues with it- to sum it up, I think that the author, in order to make it seem "realistic," she had the characters act different from canon with little justification as to why. I also felt sorry for Aang getting treated in such a way- the rest of the cast essentially let him deal with Ozai (even if they had their own assignments on the day of the comet's arrival) and expected him to go against his personal code by killing Ozai. He succeeds in defeating Ozai, and then his friends complain about the way he did it, even if he essentially saved the Earth Kingdom from annihilation without having to take a life himself.

I also can't help but feel that the author disavowed "The Promise" because it wasn't convenient for the work; 1)Ozai doesn't play that much of a role in things going downhill, since most of the blame can be laid on Zuko's faulty execution of keeping the colonies around that made it seem like he was breaking his promise and Earth King Kuei being paranoid enough to think that Zuko was betraying him- essentially this means that not killing him wasn't as much of a bad idea as the author made it out to be. 2)Kataang, of course (I also don't think Mai breaking up with Zuko will stick, but in any case, it would take more than breaking them up, or breaking up Katara and Aang, to get Katara and Zuko together).

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