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Reviews Comments: Perfect Cartoon. Phineas And Ferb whole series review by Oh Hell No

I love this show.

Okay, let's start here. My favorite thing about the show? Its humor. I'm sorry, the jokes are hilarious. Every episode makes me laugh. Best thing? They're SMART. There is very little bathroom humor and basically no mean humor. They actually make jokes about Freud. And get this line when Doofenshmirtz hears Perry knocking on his door: "Who's tap-tap-tapping? ...Is this that pesky ravenagain?" Many of the jokes go over the kids heads, but I catch them and die of laughter.

The show has a standard plot that you would think would get boring really quickly. BUT IT DOESN'T. They creators keep the show fresh by playing with the "set-in-stone" story and it's always funny. Take "Hail Doofania" for example. It features Doof acting like Phineas and visa versa. "Bless you, Perry the Platypus!"

Okay, the main thing I see people complaining about is the 2D of the characters. In my opinion, they're adequately layered. Honestly, it's a cartoon. It's not some really mature show. No one complains about the lack of complexity in Loony Toons or Tom and Jerry. Anyway, I do think that the characters are pretty well done.

Although the characters are familiar (Phineas is the nice guy guy, Ferb is the quiet one, Candace is "crazy") I think that it really works. Would you rather have a Jerkass? The creators didn't want any unpleasant characters. Even Candace proves to be kind at times, and she really does love her brothers. Ferb is quiet but not because he's shy, and he's more than willing to speak up when needed (or to be hilarious). It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love the characters.

Oh and Perry. He's amazing; no denying it. Doof is one of the funniest charactersever created.

This show is definitely worth a watch.


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