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Even though The X-Files has been over for years and everybody knows the Truth remains well and hidden even after all of Mulder and Scully's (and latter Doggett and Reyes') efforts to bring it to light, this has got to be one of the very best shows the wonderful world of television has ever given us. It's got a nice fat budget, which means the special effects are consistently polished, and save for the occasional fauxlosophical, flowery spiel that sounds nothing like real people talking, the writing is sharp, wry, and sometimes very funny. The characters are all charming, even the villains, and chances are you'll find someone in there you really like and can easily relate to, if not many. Tens across the board for The X-Files; anyone who missed it the first time around can catch it on DVD.


  • 18th Jul 09
The theme music still continues to give me Go Os Eb Um Ps!!!!!!! Excellent show with great plot lines... Keep it up...
  • flyboy254
  • 2nd Mar 10
Have we so quickly forgotten the CSM? Maybe it's just me, but he was a great villain for the series, especially in the episode "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man". Personal opinion, sure, but that episode shot him from "Villain" to "Understandable Villain".
  • iwintheinternets?
  • 16th May 10
Excellent series, but as soon as it started focusing on the mythos it went downhill. I watched up to series five and felt satisfied.

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