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Reviews Comments: Holy crap Nightmare House game review by chitoryu 12

This is easily one of the most ambitious horror mods I've seen for Half-Life 2, and the sequel is a massive improvement. While the first one was plenty of jump scares in a generic haunted house, Nightmare House 2 turns it into a masterpiece. An actual storyline, for one, with wonderful voice acting and the most badass AI allies any game has ever seen. But the scares are what make it worthwhile. Moving away from jump scares and zombies smashing through doors, it makes the player paranoid of every room. Shots of Emily watching through a window, paths changing every time you turn (in one memorable session, making the player feel like they're losing their mind), effects that push the Source engine's capabilities to realms rarely or never seen before, and some of the most genuinely creepy shit I've ever seen. This is a must for any horror fan.


  • Rahkshi500
  • 16th Jul 12
Actually, the sequel still has jump scares and zombies smashing through doors. It just mixes it up with different varieties of scares. That's what I like most in horror games, having a variety of different scares instead of sticking to one type of scare for too long.

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