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Reviews Comments: Validation!! The Vinyl Scratch Tapes fanfic review by Peteman

Seems my old review got lost somewhere...

I read this series and originally enjoyed it, it was a fun romp. Then I started thinking about it and thought about how Vinyl's audacity started rubbing me the wrong way (it followed the source material's tendency to have the antagonists who treat our heroes badly be portrayed as horrific, possibly irredeemable jerks, while our heroes could endanger or outright destroy the town and put numerous lives at risk, and we'd be expected to still love them at the end of the day because they apologized, even though they'll be doing it again within a season. Trixie's speech in Season 2 Episode 4 pretty much said what I was thinking). I'm like one of those buzzkills who analyze Ferris Buellers Day Off and have to agree with the people who say Ferris is a sociopath. I became heavily critical of the series particularly over Vinyl hiring Rover at her Rock Concert due to the fact that in canon, Rover is a criminal slaver and yet we're meant to hate Blueblood more than him for cancelling Octavia's show. Meanwhile, I wasn't particularly fond of the portrayal of Blueblood because he's a laughably incompetent Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, minus the "sympathetic" part. I want my villains competent, or at least entertaining, and he wasn't either.

The later parts of season 2 have helped turn this around for me. Vinyl's actually getting called out for her crap. Blueblood's getting some Character Development. It turned around for me, even if some people didn't like the newer developments.


  • ilsemmr
  • 26th Apr 12
Agreed. I like how Blueblood is getting the Character Development and I can't wait to see if he will become friends or friendly rivals with Vinyl (which is what it looks like). I also enjoy how no one was ultimately and completely in the right at the end.

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