Reviews Comments: FATAL A Roleplaying Game of Medieval Gangrape

FATAL A Roleplaying Game of Medieval Gangrape
The game in itself is bad. It is either a sign of mental sickness, or a very good prank. That is beyond discussion.

But used properly, one can turn FATAL into the roleplaying experience of a lifetime. And that is what I did. I was storytelling a game of Mage the Awakening, and my players just refused to be horrified by anything. The Abyss, the Shadow, the urban intrigue was just not working. So I took them into the depths of Mister Hall's sick mind.

Their characters where taken into a place of non-reality, a place where the undescribability that is Byron Hall's masterpiece was reality. I read bits and pieces from the book to set the mood. It was a spirit realm populated by spirits of rape and depravity whose bans where made of mathematical insanity, and where logic is just an empty word.

In general, it worked. My players where horrified. Two decided their characters too sullied to ever be played again. Character sheets were burned. Dice were thrown into rivers. Young men questioned their ability to ever have sex again.

As you can see, even if he completely lacks any ability to create a coherent roleplaying system, as a horror writer Byron Hall is an undisputed genius. As a horror character he gets even better.


I'm curious, where your players glad they played that round with you, or angry?
comment #1875 Gemmifer 17th Feb 10
...If life gives you...rape

comment #1879 Count Dorku 17th Feb 10 (edited by: gandalfsbane)
We stopped playing for a while. Now they are always looking out to protect their character's anal circumferences. And one of those who burned his character came out of it as a better person, much more respectful of women. Apparently Hall is a good educating device for Scare Em Straight tactics.
comment #1882 Lazarus 18th Feb 10
Heh. I... see.
comment #1896 Gemmifer 21st Feb 10
Best usage of this game: scare tactics for cocky roleplayers.
comment #3751 5th Aug 10
I was half-expecting this to end with an Aristocrats joke. The fact that it really happened only makes it more glorious.
comment #16686 Timeskipper 29th Oct 12
I don't get why they burned their characters...
comment #29201 shonengirl 8th Jun 15

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