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Reviews Comments: Schwarzenegger month was overall great, and did redeem the "Santa Christ" joke. Schwarzenegger month was overall great, and did redeem the "Santa Christ" joke. arc review by Dragon Quest Z

Now even though the commentary for the "Star Wars Holiday Special" explains why they did it (the video stopped there and they needed a good way to end it), I still found the joke dumb and disappointing. That was mainly because it looked they were trying too hard to make him another Memetic Badass. But then the "End of Days" review showed he wasn't perfect, and can freak out at stupid things. Thus averting the Mary Sue issues that made me hate the joke in the first place.

And the thing that freaked him out was a great cap off to the Running Gag making fun of the Cat Scare in that movie. "CAT! CAAAAAT!", while Santa Christ just shoots wildly. I got a good laugh out of that.

Most of that month of videos was great, although I agree that the dream song in the Junior review went on too long. But the rest, just great, from "Because we know somebody gets off on this", to poking fun at the prayer to Crom, to "CAT! CAAAAAT!".

"God bless you, you stupid, stupid movie."


  • wellinever
  • 9th Feb 10
The cat thing kinda annoyed me but I do think that Santa Christ was probably saved from the scrappy heap.
  • 9th Feb 10
I find it hard to believe that Santa C was around enough to become a scrappy; it certainly seems a minority opinion.
  • wellinever
  • 9th Feb 10
I wasn't really thinking that hard about it. From what I can tell he was a character the viewers didn't like, that doug did, and who now isn't all that bad. That's all I meant by the comment. I don't want to get into a debate about the definition of a scrappy.
  • CrashGordon94
  • 23rd Feb 10
I'd say, I didn't liek the Santa joke because of my religious beliefs, and I didn't watch the End of Days review for the same reason, but I can attest to everything else, that was a great month! :3
  • joeyjojo
  • 11th Mar 10
i really don't see the people have a problem with Santa Christ, he's just a joke. Nothing more.

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