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Reviews Comments: Star Fox Assault Star Fox episode review by Ganondorfdude 11

Star Fox Assault while enjoyable, serves to remind one why Star Fox 64 was so much better. The game opens with an epic space battle, mimicking closely the famous Area 6 level from 64. This is probably one of the best opening levels I have played in my life. But then, the game dispenses with the scrolling space shooter formula and proceeds to focus on ground missions for about 60% of the game. These ground missions largely consist of "run and shoot all of the enemy spawn points" repeated ad nauseum. The game supplies you with a variety of weapons, but only a few are better than the standard blaster at destroying wave after wave of bugs. The Landmaster controls feel clunky, and it seems like the Landmaster is just a suped-up gun or a way to break the tedium of the ground missions. Branching paths are gone, leaving just 10 missions and little incentive to replay.

That being said, the three scrolling space shooter levels are top-notch, but I'm left wondering why there couldn't be more of them. The graphics are decent, but certainly a step down from the stellar graphics of Adventures (Fox's fur is simply painted on, not rendered in 3D). The voice actors seem to take the plot more seriously, and I'm not sure whether that's a good or a bad thing. Only characters like Slippy and Falco seem to retain some of their inherent cheesiness from 64, while Krystal seems to serve no purpose whatsoever. The score of the game is phenomenal, consisting of remixed and orchestrated tracks from 64. In particular, the Star Wolf theme with a new Flamenco flavor was good enough to be featured in Super Smash Bros Brawl alongside the original. But the game's real strength is in its multiplayer mode. Here, the various different weapons that you didn't bother to use in single player come in handy, and each character actually plays differently rather than being a simple skin. Almost every level from the game is available as an arena, as well as two more which weren't featured in single player. The only flaw seems to be that almost every mode available for play is a variant on Deathmatch, only Crown Capture offers any unique victory conditions.

The game succeeds best when it imitates 64, the new things it brings to the table are a mixed bag.


  • EgregiousEric
  • 31st Jan 10
Wasn't only one player able to pick a character in multiplayer, or am i mistaken? (Maybe i'm thinking of Mario Kart)
  • Ganondorfdude11
  • 1st Feb 10
No. All players could select their characters.
  • Thexare
  • 29th Sep 12
I liked the on-foot missions myself, but yeah, the game needed far more Arwing usage.

Another annoyance is that they forced you to use the same set of controls for on-foot and Landmaster. They're two different things, let us use two different control schemes dammit! If they'd done that, maybe some of the Landmaster clunkiness would've been offset.

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