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Reviews Comments: I think I'm watching a different show than most other reviewers here. Young Justice whole series review by Faramir

I love this show. The first reason why is, obviously, the art. The character design is wonderful, the mixture between 2D and 3D animation looks like it's finally been done right and I just love the visuals of it. Animation aside, I think the characters are great fun too. Lets go with a few overviews:

Kid flash, for example, is a fun, somewhat jerky, wannabe ineffectual Kid Anova speedster... who also fulfils the role of Science Hero sometimes.

Robin, a more experienced, serious type... who isn't actually cracked up to be like Batman, and seems to be the only character of the bunch in touch with his emotions. His experience blinds him to others' lack of it at the beginning, and I actually buy it when he ends up not being the leader, while it is slightly forced.

Miss Martian, an eager-to-please, fish-out-of-water girl... who is lying to the group about who she is, has mental powers stronger than her uncle's, and has interesting insecurities. I think Miss Martian is a great example of how a character can be girly and strong without needing to be a guy with giant breasts at the same time.

Artemis is from a screwed up family trying to overcompensate by being all "tough" because she's a super villain's kid while at the same time failing once in a while because she's actually pretty new to this, and probably the one with the least amount of experience heroing.

Superboy is a young partially-human clone of Superman's... who actually has an abandonment complex thing going, and who goes through a visible but not in-your-face identity crisis. Becoming less of a Jerk Ass as the story grows.

Aqualad is awesome, actually. While some say he's got the emotional range of a teaspoon, I beg to differ. His level-headedness is the reason he was chosen as leader. He knows not showing emotion is not the same as not having it, and there is a time and place for inner struggle; eg: not during a mission when your team needs you. He is still new to leadership, and it shows. I think out of all the others, is the most subtly developed of them.

And there are more! All in all, with wonderful animation, great designs, and fun characters, this series shows a lot of promise. There are times when the dialogue feels off, or the events feel forced, but they are relatively few and rarely intolerable.

I think it's great.


  • McSomeguy
  • 25th Apr 12
I could not agree more. I am still in the process of watching the first season but after all this talk in other reviews about "growing the beard", I just don't see how this show needed any beard growing. The characters are very nicely rounded, the plots are suspenseful enough and the animation and action are truly great. The only reason I can think of why it gets so much hate is that the characterization might not be perfectly in line with previous incarnations of the characters, but that doesn't bother me at all.
  • UchihaKat
  • 26th Apr 12
I was beginning to think I was the only one who saw the show you're describing! Thank you much for expressing many of the best aspects of it so eloquently.
  • RaudhrGarm
  • 2nd May 12
It's good to see that there are others who feel the same way.

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