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Reviews Comments: So ridiculously sweet it hurts Taylor Swift whole series review by springminera

As a life-long rock and metal fan, I nearly gave my friends an aneurysm when I admitted (albeit on a dare) to absolutely loving the music of Taylor Swift. Even moreso when I admitted that she was my Celebrity Crush. Listening to the progression throughout her albums - from 'Taylor Swift' all the way to the most recent 'Speak Now' (i.e. from more classic country towards pop-country) is just magical, though I'll also admit that I prefer her early country work. Her motifs (eyes, Tuesday night) are so adorable. I'm of the very sad, masochistic class that likes to imagine they are the one the singer is singing to, so listening to her adorable affected southern accent, which is ridiculously appealing to my very British ears, is like melted chocolate. Chocolate, which coincidentally comes out whenever I'm feeling particularly miserable, as do the Taylor Swift C Ds. It can't only be me that sobs uncontrollably whenever 'Mean' comes on? Or 'Teardrops on My Guitar'? Or even 'I'd Lie'? Or pretty much everything else? Just me? Oh... Taylor Swift herself is so Adorkable. There is literally nothing cuter except kittens in slippers. Even better when Taylor Swift enters the picture. Kittens + Taylor Swift = My Head Asplode.


  • Spinosegnosaurus77
  • 9th Apr 12
Agree 100%, dude.
  • troacctid
  • 9th Apr 12
Kittens in slippers are overrated.
  • YinHachiko
  • 24th Sep 12
I know. Right on. >_>

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