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Reviews Comments: Typical, Misguided 'Nostalgia' Humor The Nostalgia Chick fanfic review by Blue Moon Mario

I had previously already written a review for this 'work' of fiction, but it was apparently removed despite much discussion in favor of my perspective. I will now review the work again.

Both the Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick seem to have a habit of poorly reviewing works with little to no understanding of that works intention or context. They focus on one element and overly criticize it not matter how inaccurate or unfair this criticism is.

The Nostalgia Chick's "Disney's Anne Frank" is no different. It's intention was to criticize Disney's past efforts towards poor sequels to their classics as well as whitewashed, simplified tales of historical events. However, she misses the point of how and why those Disney films failed in favor of the lowest common denominator of humor that offends.

This page itself is indicative of the mentality that comes with comedic stylings that focus around dismissing the validity of interpretations in favor of outright mocking of mass murder and the tragic loss of a young girl's life. Ellis and her fans have lost sight of the true critique of nostalgic films and fallen into exactly the same errors that arose when they were made.


  • Wackd
  • 8th Apr 12
And I will comment, as I did the last time you raised this point, that we are not, in fact, mocking Anne Frank or the Holocaust. We are not saying it is funny that this girl and millions of others were slaughtered in nationally sponsored programs. We are mocking children's films based around horrific events in history and given happy endings—movies such as Pocahontas, the animated Titanic, and Anastasia. The Holocaust itself is incidental; it is something horrible that happened and is therefore being used to mock other films about horrible things happening. Its purpose is to highlight the ridiculousness of this practice in such an over-the-top way that it's impossible to take seriously. If you are offended, than so be it; but the fact remains that this work functions fairly well as satire.

Which brings me to your next point—you argue that this piece misunderstands intention or context, so tell me, then—what is the intention of a children's film depicting one of the greatest racial injustices in history ending peacefully and oversimplifying the issues it presents? How is referring to Pocahontas as such an inaccurate criticism? You argue that the Chick does not understand the purpose, but you offer no alternative to her critique and no illustration that you understand these things better.
  • BlueMoonMario
  • 8th Apr 12
1.) Pocahontas does not end peacefully, nor does it have a happy ending.

2.) Pocahontas was adapted from the myth of Pocahontas as told by John Smith. It's no more inaccurate than Gibson's Braveheart in that both are based off myths of historical events.

"Disney's Anne Frank" may not be the best instance of the Nostalgia Critic and Chick's refusal to acknowledge accuracy (such as their reviews of Super Mario Bros. The Movie and Mulan, respectfully) but it does fit their usual agenda.
  • emeriin
  • 8th Apr 12
Explain to me first how Critic had anything to do with the Anne Frank joke. Secondly, they're characters. The fact that they're both idiots (Critic being a ditz, Chick being a Know Nothing Know It All) is part of the comedy.
  • FastEddie
  • 8th Apr 12
Regarding the cut requests for this review: The OP seems to get it is satire and is stating that the "point" of the satire misses its mark. This a statement made in good faith. The fact that many people interpret the "point" differently than the OP is another issue, one falling under the heading of Opinion. Cut request declined.
  • troacctid
  • 8th Apr 12
This review is a duplicate of the same poster's review of The Nostalgia Chick. It's a review of that work, not this one, and it's already over there, so it should be removed from here.
  • BlueMoonMario
  • 8th Apr 12
This review is not a duplicate of my previous, as can clearly be seen by the fact that the text is completely different. I believed that review was deleted, but it was apparently just moved. Thanks for the notification.

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