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Reviews Comments: It's Pretty Good...just ignore the hype Half Life 2 film/book review by brazillianboy 122

This is easily one of my favorite games, although that may be considerably biased as I am a massive fan of almost anything Valve puts out and I have a very limited exposure to FP Ses, as most of what I play are indie and simulation games. The story is nice, even if it is difficult to find in certain parts. Some parts of the game are on the line between 'fun challenge' and 'so hard its just plain mean spirited', although thanks to plenty of available walkthroughs this is considerably less of a problem than it was in the past. I can understand how some people dislike the game, though, given that the fan base treats as a flawless work of genius. I don't think there's a single game that could live up to that kind of expectations. To summarize, Half Life 2 is a great game so long as you have patience, acess to walkthroughs, and can ignore the hype.


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